Are you having a warehouse Australia for large volume storage? Are you aware of the Warehouse safety measures and overall efficiency? Infact Products of all sizes and weights can be safely stored using developed Cantilever Racking system. Drive in Racking and Cantilever Racking has been designed to meet storage efficiency maximize the storage potential. The efficient pick flow and workflow in warehouse ensures that you are getting the most out of your Storage Systems investments. Storage Systems Sales companies advise customers to go for Storage Systems because of its durability, easy installation, maintenance and space management. So how do you choose to buy a Cantilever Racking or Drive in Racking for the storage warehouse in Australia!

Rack Strength –

Heavy duty cantilever racking with strong base panels, anupright structure where the height can be variably adjusted and the space between the lanes can be adjusted for easy drive in. Cantilever structure can be installed in a way it can be used from both sides.


Rack Space –

As far as weight capacity or load carrying capacity is considered, appropriate racking structure can hold anything, any shape on a vertical structure. From Car to Pipe, timber strips to chocolate boxes everything can be arranged with proper arrangements & decking don’t allow rolling off. Your safety is always met with this. There are many brands available in Australia who sale Drive in Cantilever Racking systems and predominantly you have to look at various features and durability of these systems. Ensure to choose a manufacturer of Drive in Racking or Storage Systems or a Cantilever Racking who test &sale the product with AS 4084 Certification on the product which can help to comply the warehouse with current O,H and S regulations.

Use of Forklift Trucks-

Drive in Racking provides you with easy access to all of the pallets in your warehouse. This system permits more than one forklift trucks to be used in the same walkway same time. It becomes easier than ever to meet with customer orders by being able to move your inventory in and out quickly of your warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.


Warehouse Automation-

Evaluating which racking system will be the most suitable in your warehouse is the prime thing of a good warehousing system. It is also important to consider your current inventory management system. Using the FIFO or LIFO method for inventory management is beneficial for storing large quantities of products. Using Drive in Racking will help you ensure that stock can be moved in the order, that it was received or vice versa.Drive in Cantilever Racking systems allows automation and hence it reduces overall manpower. Your entire warehouse can be designed with these structures which can help you dynamic structural changes as these were lightweight and flexible design.

The size of Warehouse is a key factor to determine what kind of structures, the length of the shelves, beams, bolts for a versatile storage solution which can guarantee strength and durability.


No matter what your storage requirements may be Ready Rack storage solution – leading Victorian supplier of Warehouse Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking and Drive in Racking offer a wide range of Drive in Racking and Cantilever Racking products and accessories for Sale in Melbourne; Improve your industrial storage systems with Ready Rack the professional Warehouse racking company in Australia. Maximize your storage space by calling us on 1300-307-229,

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