When your business is growing, you may discover that self-storage is an excellent option for keeping extra stock or paperwork, instead of displacing to larger premises. There is a distinct knack to stacking & keeping your files or stock to ensure that they don’t get easily damaged and to help easy availability.

Listed here are some pointers on how to arrange a self-storage unit for your growing business in Melbourne.

Longspan Shelving:

Having longspan shelving or racking installed in your unit is an excellent way of organizing things, but do ensure that there’s adequate sidewalk between the units so that you can have easy access to everything.

Put stuff that you’re likely to require regular access to at the façade of your unit.


It is a smart idea to buy robust storage containers from a specialist moving & storage firm. These must be of a consistent size, which makes it easy to hoard them. When loading the boxes, keep in mind that you will need to lift them, so try to avoid overloading.

Make use of a marker pen to visibly mark the boxes on each side. Marking on each side lets you to see what is inside the boxes from all side of the unit & saves you the annoyance of hauling the boxes in & out to find out what is inside them.

Instead of hoarding paperwork within storage boxes, try employing boxes that are fitted with hanging files. Marked hanging files allow you to quickly & easily get the papers you want without needing to squander time searching through a heap of arbitrarily hoarded papers.

Also, hanging files let you lift your files from your office filing cabinets & put them directly into your storage containers; saving you both time & hassle.

Compilation of Inventory:

A vital part of your storage project should be the compilation of a stock. A stock will offer you with quick details of what kinds of files you’ve kept, and also offer a means of inventory control.

Finally, prior to you put any business goods or inventory in storage far from your premises, always keep in mind to make sure that your insurance policy has covered for vandalism or loss of these stuffs.

Finally, before you place any business goods or stock in storage away from your premises, always remember to check that your insurance policy has you covered for theft, loss or damage of these items.


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