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If you’re looking for a place to vacation in Florida, the city of Jacksonville Beach just might be the place for you. With a laundry list of fun things to see and do, tons of great places to stay and close proximity to other popular vacation destinations, this is a city built from the ground up to provide vacation goers with everything they could ever want.

Now, there are tons of reasons you might make Jacksonville Beach the site of your family vacation. It might be the rich and storied history of this area, which is the site of some of the oldest European settlements in North America. Or, it could be the wide variety of luxurious resorts and hotels that the city has to offer. But there’s one reason people visit Jacksonville that takes precedence over the rest: the beach. 

Beach activities in Jacksonville Beach

When it comes to beaches, Jacksonville has some of the best around. Whether you’re a casual beachgoer simply seeking a place to catch some rays or a seasoned angler searching for somewhere to sink your line, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here in Jacksonville beach. 


When it comes to beaches, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of kicking back in a lawn chair under a beach umbrella with a frosty margarita in one hand and a foldable fan in the other. If this sounds like what you want from your beach vacation, you’re in luck; there’s no better place to do this than the beaches of Jacksonville Beach!

With dozens upon dozens of cute beachside bars and outdoor cafe’s, the problem won’t be finding a place that fits the bill; the problem will be choosing one! 


Maybe you want something a little different. Maybe sitting in a chair in the sun all day isn’t enough of a vacation for you. Maybe, just maybe, you’re an angler. Your ideal vacation involves chairs, sure; but it also involves hooks, live bait, 25 lb. test fishing line and a healthy helping of the struggle between man and nature. If this is true in your case, then Jacksonville Beach is the place for you!

Jacksonville has a plethora of great fishing spots, from piers to freshwater inlets and shallow shores, there’s a fishing spot for every type of catch you could ever want. Whether or not you spend your whole vacation fishing is up to you; just be careful, because you might not be able to stop! 

If you want to kick things up a notch, why not take it to the next level and try spearfishing? With the purchase of some fairly inexpensive equipment, you can experience a new, more visceral way to fish, that has the added bonus of providing you with a great workout. The best part? Jacksonville Beach has tons of places that are perfectly suited for this sport! 


If you are among those who prefer their vacation with a side of adrenaline pumping thrills, Jacksonville Beach has you covered. Jacksonville Beach is the perfect place to catch a wave and ride it all the way to the shore. And the best part? The waves vary in size from season to season, so those who plan their vacation accordingly won’t be underwhelmed or overwhelmed by the ferocity of the surf.

What’s this? You don’t have a board? Or maybe you do, but you just don’t want to cart it around for your whole vacation. That’s O.K.! There are plenty of surf rental shops where you rent not only surfboards, but wetsuits as well. And trust us: the trip will be much, much easier when you aren’t worrying about a seven foot piece of foam or fiberglass strapped to the roof of your car! 


There are plenty of reasons why the city of Jacksonville Beach is such a great place to vacation. With its immaculate white sandy beaches, long list of beach activities and attractions, there’s no question that this is the place to be on Florida’s northeastern coast. But this is more than just a place to take a couple weeks off; it’s also a great place to live!

The city of Jacksonville is home to a plethora of practical benefits that accompany residency, in addition to all the aforementioned pros! If you want to make this city your home, the best way to do that is by contacting one of the top real estate agents in Jacksonville Beach FL. These experienced, professional realtors will have no trouble putting you and your family in a home in no time flat!

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