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For all those that always choose the coast for their holiday and not the mountains, the Sunshine State is the ideal place to live. With miles upon miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, whether you dive, snorkel, simply walk around or take a kayak for a ride, you won’t run out of awesome coastal attractions in Florida.


In the south-western part of the state, travelers will also find the sheltered, yet the incredibly active city of Bonita Springs. Squeezed between Naples and Cape Coral, the medium-sized city is home to around 60,000 residents all who can experience the delightful aspects of coastal living. With countless parks, historical attractions as well as a highly developed cultural and art scene, Bonita Springs, Florida welcomes all who wish to be bewildered by the sunsets as waves triumph over the sun as fun can be fun everywhere around. Let’s just take a look at some awesome coastline attractions for those living in Bonita Springs, FL or those who just stop by for a visit, some will be unique while others, you may be more comfortable with.

Lovers Key State Park

 Within the city limits of Bonita Springs, FL, lovers can find this 712-acre State Park that spreads from the edge of the city across the three surrounding barrier islands: Black Island, Inner and Long Key. With perfect views of the sunset across the Gulf of Mexico, the Lovers Key State Park is equipped with boat ramps for excursionists that want to travel the waves during a peaceful evening, boardwalks for those that wish to get from one part of Black Island to the other, Lovers Key Adventures for some canoe and kayak excitement, trails for hiking in some unique locations and limitless ground for beachside activities. This serene destination will give some unforgettable memories as it’s a go-to area for a dream seaside wedding. Off the beaten path as it might be, there aren’t many places where you can eat or drink so make sure to pack some lunch if you want to go hiking or just relax by the beach.


Seaside Kayaking

As we already talked a bit about kayaking, in Bonita Springs, Florida, you can rent a kayak from the barrier islands nearby and go cruising through the Estero Bay and the Broadway Channel that offers some unique experiences. The tour might also include some pods of dolphins and the occasional manatee that likes to bathe in the sun. Don’t forget your camera as those moments are definitely something that you may want to share with your friends and family. After a great day paddling around the bay and seeing all sorts of birds just flying around as they search for food, you’ll get to reach the beach just at sunset and watch dolphins play around your kayak for a change. These lovely and tender creatures can truly be enjoyed in all their splendor as they swim free of any barriers all through their natural habitat. Keep in mind that while you're paddling in a kayak you are visiting their home and they will welcome you with open fins as they lead you into their underwater world.


Everglades Wonder Gardens

 With a history of over 9 decades, the Everglades Wonder Gardens started out as a dream of two brothers who wanted to offer the visitors and residents of Bonita Springs, Florida a Reptile Garden. Today, the formerly small project developed into the perfect attraction for reptilian enthusiasts who find themselves going through the Tamiami Trail. Having been under the management of the same family for three generations, the success of the Everglades Wonder Gardens wildlife and the botanical exhibit is a direct result of the aforementioned dream project of the Piper brothers. However, nowadays its tutelage has changed but the guests continue to be drawn to the wild alligators, turtles and vividly colored flamingos. The Everglades Wonder Garden is still thriving and will continue to summon all those with a desire to witness the wildlife exhibited here as well as learn about the animals in an interactive and engaging way. The wildlife exhibit is perfect for families with small children.


Bonita Jet Ski and Parasail

If your go-to coastal attractions involve those mesmerizing Floridian sunsets, then the Bonita Jet Ski and Parasail is something that you do not want to miss. With unique coastal views as well as the best sunsets you’ll ever get a chance to see, it doesn’t get more unique and exhilarating than this. Of course, walking on the beach with your significant other just as the sun meets the sea can be romantic enough for some precious moments, just imagine proposing to your better half as you sail through the air with the blue ocean beneath you and a clear sky with orange hues above in the still warm light of the setting sun. Truly an unforgettable experience. Since 1988 the Bonita Jet Ski and Parasail company has given visitors these adrenaline-packed experiences and many customers come back year after year so there must be something that draws people in. I wonder whether it’s the sunset, the feeling of flying, the experience itself or all of the above. Hmmm …? Tough question.


Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

 From parasailing, we’ll now go visit the panthers of the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. While not water-related, this is still an awesome coastline attraction in Bonita Springs, Florida that one should not miss. With over 25,000 acres of land, there is no reason to worry that the panthers are too crowded. Their running ground is actually the largest tract of preserved land in the state that is dedicated to protecting the rare Florida Panther. You can visit the park but do not take it personally if you don’t happen to run into a panther. That isn’t something to wish for too much as this wild cat can weigh more than a grown man and they can also run pretty fast too. 


Something to remember is the fact that they aren’t too particular about what they hunt and average humans aren’t the fastest of mammals. There are trails that can take you through a large variety of environments where you can see many other types of animals so if you go don’t keep a look-out only for the Florida Panther as the cat can be very elusive, while other types of wildlife are easier to spot.




As one of the safest communities in all of Florida, Bonita Springs has plenty of coastline attractions that doesn’t seem to focus too much on the word safety. It’s part of the attraction to experience more dangerous activities while you enjoy a safe life. As it attracts many residents through its great quality of life, Bonita Springs is also the 5th most desired small town for retirees. Besides these great coastline attractions Bonita Springs, FL is also known for its pristine golf courses and gated communities. Living on the coast is something that any real estate agent in Bonita Springs FL can make happen for you as the majority of these communities have waterfront properties for sale.


Whichever of the attractions mentioned above will be the first thing that you would like to try while in Bonita Springs make sure to share it with your friends. Like & Share this article with them and with your family if they want to make some unforgettable memories when they come visiting.







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