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A special day in the year makes romantic hearts beat faster. February 14th celebrates a red-letter event in the calendar for which passionate lovers can’t prepare enough. Undoubtedly, there’s an extensive “bibliography” on the must-do things on Valentine’s Day for us to check. 

Dinner at a fancy restaurant, seeing a romantic movie at the cinema, dancing, and an (eventual) proposal. Does your head spin already? All in all, we mustn’t let impossible expectations cloud our judgment. 

Romantic gifts and trips on Saint Valentine’s Day form an irresistible combo!

You can buy the most original and exciting Valentine’s Day gifts. Then, you can prepare your own DIY Valentine's gift idea if you wish to stay on the budget. All these are exquisite methods to prove your endless love. Is there, however, another, more fascinating way, perhaps, to double the excitement?

We propose combining the display of our affection with the most pleasant things out there. Why won’t you give in to the temptation and joy of exploring the most romantic cities in the United States on Saint Valentine’s Day this year? So, embark with us on this heart-pounding trip! And find the ideal location where you can present your soulmate with a heart-shaped gift!

Savannah, Georgia, makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day destination!

“The Emerald of the South’ has deeply rooted romantic traditions, being the oldest city in Georgia. The charming city of Savannah provides couples in love with an abundance of eye-popping romantic and historical places. Beautiful landscapes and ancient architecture make the ideal setting for Valentine’s Day intimate walks hand-in-hand. 

The best way to explore Savannah is by taking a breathtaking carriage ride on the oldest cobble-stoned streets! Unsurprisingly, haunted tours are trending among lovers. Did you know that many consider Savannah America’s most haunted city? Visiting The Pirate’s House or Moon River Brewing Company will send chills down your spine. You will want to hold on to your partner tighter! 

If spooky ghost tours are not your thing, you can have a delightful picnic in Forsyth Park. Then, you can embark on a Savannah Riverboat cruise. Thirdly, The Olde Pink House is a must-see hotspot for couples on Valentine’s Day, where they can taste local dishes and exquisite wines. 

You will want to get lost with your significant half in this stunning city! For additional Valentine’s Day trendy locations, we recommend getting in touch with expert local real estate agents in Savannah GA!

Nashville, Tennessee, is a blast for lovers on Valentine’s Day!

No Valentine’s Day is complete without romantic music. So, why not visit the country music capital of the world, the wonderful city of Nashville? Besides the most catchy love tunes pouring from vibrant music venues, the Athens of the South is also famous for its mouthwatering dishes and romantic boutique hotels. 

You can start your day by having breakfast at Loveless Cafe. Next stop, Arrington Vineyards, and taste the best wines during a refreshing picnic! Then visit the Adventure Science Museum and check out themed nights at Way Late Play Dates! And lastly, soulmates can spend the most passionate night dancing on Nashivlee’s Hony Tonk Highway. 

Indeed, top local realtors in Nashville TN, can guide you through this lovely city on St. Valentine’s Day!

Explore the hidden gems of Bar Harbor, ME, on Valentine’s Day!

Are you looking for a lesser-known but wonderful resort town that oozes romance? Go no further! Top-tier local real estate agents in Bar Harbor, ME, will confirm that charming homes and stylish streets create an excellent Valentine's Day atmosphere. You'd better watch out, though, as your partner will fall in love with you even more! We recommend you start your journey at Frenchman's Bay. You can take mesmerizing sunset cruises or an invigorating stroll along the bay.

Find the renowned Woodlawn Museum featuring gorgeous parks, orchards, and gardens in the immediate neighborhood! We advise making Mount Desert Island your next stop! The famous island hosts Acadia National Park, which provides lovebirds with 120 miles of adventurous hiking trails and a scenic road to the peak of Cadillac Mountain.

Suppose you are fascinated with fresh seafood. Then, Bar Harbor delivers big time! C-Ray Lobster and Havana are two trendiest restaurants with plenty of local specialties in store dedicated to coupes on Valentine's Day.

Experience genuine Valentine’s Day excitement at Stowe, Vermont!

One of the most extraordinary ski towns in America caters to your needs for an adrenaline rush. Suppose winter sports enthrall you and your partner. In that case, Stowe, located at Mount Mansfield, will serve as a memorable winter getaway due to its extensive trail system. 

Besides, Stowe features numerous locations to engage in romantic activities with your beloved boy or girlfriend. For example, you can take them on an exciting sleigh ride in the winter woods. 


Ask established local real estate agents in Stowe, Vermont, to bring you up to date with must-do things in their beloved town on Valentine's Day! They will inform you that this jaw-dropping town has a special event dedicated to Valentine's Day, Stowe Sweet, a week of the yummiest treats! The place dresses up in festive red and offers sweats you can't fathom! So, share the most delicious fondue with your soulmate!

Sonoma, California

Sonoma in Northern California captures the spirit of Valentine's Day flawlessly. Right off the bat, you can find nationally-acclaimed restaurants (such as Single Thread Restaurant and Vella Cheese Company) and the finest vineyards (for instance, Papapietro-Perry Winery or Moshin Vineyards.) 

The most interactive way to experience the historic wineries, scenic roads, and lush state parks is by joining the guided Sonoma Valley Bike Tours. Then, sign up for eco-adventures at Sonoma Canopy Tours to explore the legendary California Coastal Redwoods. No Valentine's Day bucket list can be complete without such experiences!

Suppose you wish to discover the phenomenal Sonoma countryside from a bird's eye view. You can do so by embarking on the well-known balloon ride called Up & Away Ballooning. On clear days, you can see as far as San Francisco or even the Pacific Ocean! 

It goes without saying that we have barely scratched the surface of the countless beauties Sonorama has in store for Valentine's Day. You can reach out to skilled local realtors in Sonoma, CA, for extra recommendations!

Heartfelt final thoughts

Visiting the most romantic US cities on Valentine's Day can be a fantastic experience together! Sonoma, Savannah, Stowe, Bar Harbor, and Nashville are the tip of the iceberg of gorgeous cities that provide a passionate setting for people in love. Amorous trips will give wide-eyed couples beautiful moments to share. 

We assure you that visiting these fantastic cities won't be forgotten in time. Instead, they will be passed on with love and affection to the next generations! What is your favorite Valentine's Day city?

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