Office Furniture Disposal Where would your workforce be if they didn't have chairs and tables? ?How about those comfy chairs in your reception area? Office furniture forms a necessary part of every office environment. However when the time comes to replace it or it is not longer functional, things become a little difficult for office managers. When that moment arrives there are some simple steps you can follow that will ensure the items are disposed of in an environmentally manner.

The first step is to make a simple inventory of all the items you will be putting up for office furniture disposal. This list should include measurements and pictures. Much of the furniture you are replacing is likely to still be of use. There are always people around your location that are looking for a bargain and don't mind if something is not brand spanking new. Ask around in the office to see if any of the workforce are interested before placing adverts in local papers or online. There are many different websites that can be utilised to sell second hand furniture. Any money received for the items can go towards the cost of new.

Office furniture that is broken or past its best can be collected by office waste disposal experts, there is bound to be a company in your area that offers this service. It doesn't matter how many items you need to get shot of, and what better way than to get rid of it than all in one go. Should there be a little uncertainty about the value of items you are putting up for sale they may even be able to offer you their opinion as to the furnitures worth. The furniture that is not suitable for reusing or selling that is collected by the disposal company will be sent away to be reprocessed and turned into something new. Wooden furniture is particularly suitable for chipping or pulping and being made into animal bedding or mulch for the garden.

Before disposing of old office furniture you should ask yourself whether the items may come in useful in the future. May be there are plans for expansion in which case it may be an idea to store the items for future use. It would be wise to shop around for the best storage price as it could be while before the items can be used again. Careful consideration of all your options is vital when dealing with office clearance. Costs can vary considerably depending on which route you choose.

One other option for disposal of your old office furniture is to donate it to a worthy cause. They will be only too happy to take your unwanted items and sell them to make useful funds for their charity. There are many charity shops on your local high street that will even come and collect the furniture from your office premises, at no cost to you. You will be boosting the positive image of your business as well as helping a good cause.

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