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Mom & Pop Spotlight – Via Emilia Italian Restuarant

One of my favorite experiences is walking into a Mom & Pop restaurant, listening to their story and enjoying a meal so unique and delicious you know that is the only place you will be able to find it. Via Emilia exceeded expectations on all counts, and while I am no food pioneer by any stretch, I still have stuffed a lot of food into my gullet over the years and I feel the need to share my experience.

Although the locals of Sterling Ridge and Indian Springs area perhaps know Via Emilia best, it is time that folks from all corners of The Woodlands hear about this hidden gem.

While I highly encourage you to ask your server about the history of Via Emilia, I’ll spare the details for brevity. Via Emilia is a result of five decades, and three generations of the Orioli family’s passion for food and culture from their native Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. In fact, “Mama” still works at the location five to six days a week, providing direction and expertise to ensure that the quality and authenticity is preserved from the traditional recipes from their homeland.

While I unfortunately cannot comment on the entire menu, I can comment on the few menu items I tried. I do, however, have a feeling there are no wrong answers when placing your order. In the Spaghetti Classico, the meatballs were out of this world and bursting with flavor. Similarly, the Pollo alla Parmigiana was so very tender and flavorful it made me want to stick around so I could get hungry again and eat some more. They are perhaps best known for their braised meats and seafood, both of which I did not try this go-around, but I cannot wait to go back to experience these other menu items. Finally, and this may sound like a curveball, you have to finish up the meal with the Tres Leches for dessert. I have personally never experienced a more delicious and decadent Tres Leches than the one offered at Via Emilia.

All in all, I encourage everyone who enjoys Mom and Pop, family-owned Italian restaurants to check out Via Emilia if they have not already. This place really hits the spot and is a hidden gem in the back of The Woodlands. I know I can’t wait to go back.

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