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It’s always fun to look at some of the highest priced homes out there to see what you could get for a few million dollars. I’m sure others share that sentiment, of course they do, look at the success of websites like Pinterest.

I took to the MLS to investigate the highest priced homes that sold in the Houston market in April, and came up with the top ten. Since Texas is a non-disclosure state, we can’t specify sold prices for these homes exactly, however I can tell you #10 was listed not less than $2.5 million, and the #1 home on the list was listed over $6 million. The rest are somewhere in between.

  • 852 Country Lane, Hunters Creek, Houston. 5/8 Bedrooms, 5/3 Bath, 10,693 square feet.
  • 22 Grand Colonial Drive, Carlton Woods, The Woodlands. 5/6 bedroom, 6/1 bath, 11,790 square feet.
  • 2222 Del Monte Drive, River Oaks, Houston. 4/5 Bed, 5/1 Bath, 6,367 square feet.
  • 2216 Chilton Road, River Oaks, Houston. 5/6 bed, 5/3 bath, 7,359 square feet.
  • 7 West Lane, River Oaks, Houston. 5 Bed, 5/1 bath, 8,584 square feet.
  • 22 N Cheska, Nina Place, Houston. 5 Bed, 5/1 bath 8,584 square feet.
  • 10819 Roaring Brook Lane, Karankawa Pines, Houston. 5 bed, 5/2 Bath, 8,476 square feet.
  • 3375 Del Monte, River Oaks, Houston. 4 bed, 4/2 bath, 5,362
  • 5615 Pine Forest, Tanglewood, Houston. 4/5 bed, 5/1 bath 7,463 square feet.
  • 403 Menking Court, Hunters Creek, Houston. 5 Bed, 5/2 bath, 6,500 square feet.

Didn’t get enough? We currently have 16 properties listed at over $1,000,000. Check them out here:

Active Listings over $1,000,000


The Kink Team is recognized as one of the top producing real estate teams in North America and is highly awarded within the industry. Let us go to work for you. Contact us today!

The Kink Team is recognized as one of the top producing real estate teams in North America and in the industry. Our use of advanced technology, top notch customer service and attention to detail have helped us create a referral network second to none. Our system works because we don't just pay lip service to the term team. Our team members, vendors and transaction partners have been carefully selected and trained in unique and proven Kink Team business processes. When you become a Kink Team client we customize our system to your specific needs and goals. - Contact Diane at  
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