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Houston Chronicle’s 100 – Best Places to Work in Houston

Every year the Houston Chronicle uncovers the top 100 businesses, both private and public, in the Houston area to work. If you’re thinking about moving to Houston, or just looking for a change, these lists generally serve as a great starting point for targeting companies for employment opportunities.

The criterion is based on fields such as total revenue generated, annual growth in earnings per share, annual revenue growth, and one-year total return.

The list compiles the top public and private employers. It also details the Greater Houston area’s top employers, the Chronicle 100 who’s who (all companies considered in making the final list), and measurements for companies based on market return, market value, and revenue growth.

Unfortunately, the presentation of this information is in a form that lacks usability, but one can search names of companies and do independent research to determine if there are available positions and what exactly they are. The hard part of compiling the list has already been done for you. Good luck.

Here’s the link for more information on the Chronicle’s 100.

Houston Chronicle 100 – Home Page
Houston Chronicle 100 – Interactive Article


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