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Many people dream of what they will do when they finally retire; dreams of sleeping in, traveling, devoting more time to self-improvement or fulfilling goals, exploring passions or trying new things. Residents living at The Terraces of Boise are retired and living many of these dreams, including longtime goals of getting fit and staying in shape. Firm believers of “move it or lose it,” these seniors are making their dreams a reality and staying active as they age. Engaging their muscles in everything from yoga to Zumba to tai chi, the residents are pushing themselves to commit to working out in weekly classes. Their dedication is inspirational, and in fact many are more active than people half their age.


“I love attending the yoga class, and my husband is a big fan of the Movin’ and Groovin’ class,” said Shirley Straubhar, a resident of The Terraces of Boise. “I’ve tried all the classes, but yoga is my favorite, and it fits in really well with my schedule. I’ve been doing yoga most of my adult life, and I feel it is especially important and beneficial for seniors as they age. The class caters to different physical levels, so it’s easy for newcomers to walk in and give it a go. Outside of the classes, my husband and I really enjoy going for walks. Exercising helps us age gracefully. It also builds companionship with the people you meet in the classes. The interaction with other people and the instructor adds a wonderful social aspect.” 


Residents of The Terraces of Boise are more active than ever as they participate in weekly exercise classes. Exercising not only provides a social aspect, it improves moods, helps release stress, increases strength and mobility, assists with mental capacity and enhances healing, among other benefits. These residents are defying stereotypes of seniors, and they’re having fun and living it up. Marilyn Jackson, a resident of The Terraces of Boise, said staying mentally active is also important.


“I love to read and am involved in two book clubs. I’m about to join a third,” said Jackson. “It feels good to keep both mentally and physically active. When I’m not reading or discussing the books with fellow club members, I like to go walking and attend the yoga and tai chi classes. I’ve discovered that tai chi is very important for balance. Tai chi and yoga both focus on deep breathing, and I walk away from those classes feeling rejuvenated mentally and physically. I like feeling that I have accomplished something. I did yoga regularly before we moved here and started the tai chi after we moved in. It was easy because everybody starts at the same level and it’s noncompetitive. You don’t worry about other people in the class because you are focused on doing the best you can. Our instructor, John, goes over the moves in great detail. It has taught me patience as you move very slowly, and sometimes it is harder to do things slow than to do them fast. If people are on the fence about trying a class, my advice is just come out and try it even if you have never done it before. Find something you enjoy and stick with it. The classes are a fantastic way to meet new people and push yourself in ways you have not pushed yourself before.”


“The turnouts for our fitness classes have been amazing, and we are happy to see everyone having such a good time,” said Jud Severns, executive director of The Terraces of Boise. “Living an active lifestyle is key no matter your age. Everyone has something to gain from working out. We also offer opportunities that encourage mental activity, such as brain teasers or trivia. All of these things combined create a holistic approach to wellness and an overall sense of well-being.”

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