Parents and Coaches,

Sometimes the words we use and our approach to coaching can make players get defensive (not in a good way).   It is natural to have these thoughts (see picture) at some point as a baseball player.  There is a pretty good chance you thought them yourselves.  You may even think them now while watching your son play.  Just understand that they may be thinking in a fearful way on the field and let them know its OK.  By you letting them know its OK, it will help them to know they are not alone and then you can coach them out of it. Most of the doubtful thoughts come from a fear of disappointment.  Not in themselves but disappointing the coach, parents or teammates.  Give them a simple game plan that they can repeat while on the field, hitting or pitching.  Soon enough you will see players that want the ball. Check out the advice below from a recent baseballminded post.

In the process of DO-ing an athletic activity, our brains can’t process negative words like DON’T or CAN’T. Example – If a pitcher is pitching (DO-ing) and says to himself “DON’T walk this hitter”, his brain is actually processing “walk this hitter”. If a hitter says to himself ” DON’T strikeout”, his brain only processes “strikeout”. So rethink how you think. Try to say things in terms of DO-ing rather than DON’T or CAN’T. Try it next time your sick. Tell yourself “DON’T throw up”. Just make sure you have a trash can near by…

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