1. Lessons are not a babysitting session. There are much cheaper options. Tell your kid to stay focused and have fun.

2. Parents, be quietly involved and learn as much as the kid does. Check your pride at the door and pay attention. Your son and the instructor will appreciate it.

3. The lessons are NOT intended to reinforce “what you have been telling him for years”. If you think your son doesn’t listen to you now, this statement wont help. Let the instructor teach while you make an effort to learn.

4. You are not a translator between the instructor and your son. Look at the sessions like you would a college professor teaching a 4th grade math class. You wouldn’t interupt the professor and say, “listen kids, this is what the teacher is really trying to say.”

5. Don’t look for immediate results, quick fixes or someone to blame. Most instructors offer lessons with a big picture in mind. Instructors enjoy hearing about game success and struggles because we look at it all the same way – As a step in the right direction towards development.

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