Mary Moore, 88, is a resident at Waltonwood Cary Parkway, a premier senior living community, and has a passion for volunteering. You’ll find Moore at Dorcas Ministries – Christian Community in Action (CCA), a nonprofit in Cary, with a smile on her face most Tuesdays. Moore has volunteered her time serving others on and off for nearly 50 years – the last six while living at Waltonwood Cary Parkway. She started with CCA in the 1960s helping lower-income children with schooling, and now she spends her time at the Dorcas Thrift Shop where she straightens up the store, greets people and organizes children’s clothing. The nonprofit also provides crisis ministry, job training, child care as well as a food pantry. Moore says getting to know the customers and other volunteers is a blessing, and the impact the nonprofit makes on the greater community should encourage others to volunteer. With April being National Volunteer Month, Moore is the perfect example of someone who deserves recognition.

“I look forward to going to Dorcas Ministries and helping those who are in need,” said Moore. “When I see people come through the doors it inspires me to give back. No child should ever have to worry about a meal or clothing. I enjoy giving back to others and making people smile. I spend about two to three hours there each Tuesday. Something as simple as picking up clothes that have fallen off hangers can really change the appearance of the store. Dorcas has progressed in the last 50 years since I started volunteering. I am proud to be a part of this nonprofit that continuously makes a difference in the lives of so many people.”

Moore moved to Cary from Charlotte in 1960. Her husband Ray ran a local business, and the couple raised four children together. When Moore moved to town she met a group of ladies who wanted to help lower-income kindergarten-aged children because kindergarten in the 1960s was private and optional. That’s when Moore started volunteering with CCA through the Enrichment Kindergarten program. They would meet in the basement of a local church, and because Moore helped with music at her previous church she used that skill to assist these children. The group saw a need for clothing and household items, and that led to the formation of the Dorcas Thrift Shop. Eventually, they added even more services.

“I remember the first time I saw the children they were in need of newer clothing, and I even met one child who didn’t know his name. It broke my heart,” Moore said. “I am glad that my contributions helped start their education and that the music truly resonated with the children. Volunteering is something I’ve always done, and I am proud to say my daughter picked up the volunteer gene, too. She volunteers at Dorcas Ministries as well, and her husband serves on the board. It’s turned into a family thing, and I plan to volunteer as long as I can.”

“Mary Moore is a wonderful person, and we know she has touched the lives of many people in the Cary area,” said Richard Mabe, executive director. “She gives so much to others and doesn’t expect anything in return. Her volunteer work is inspiring, and we couldn’t think of a better person to recognize during National Volunteer Month. We encourage residents to continue their normal activities while living at the senior living community, and she is a perfect example of someone who fulfills her passion. We have many residents who dedicate their time to giving back, and we want them to know their work does not go unnoticed.”

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