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Waltonwood Lake Boone, a premier senior living community in Raleigh, decided to show its residents a good time by hosting a bubble party on their balconies! Waltonwood passed out bottles of bubbles, turned on the tunes and called residents out to their balconies for the party. The residents were active and dancing, showing off their moves while blowing massive bubbles into the courtyard! After all, what's a good party without dancing and some decor?

The community was looking for a fun and creative way to keep residents engaged, and knew bubbles would do the trick! Some residents blew bubbles as big as their heads! Others used little handheld bubble-blowing toys to get as many bubbles in the air as possible, sending beautiful, shining bubbles up into the air and over to other sides of the community. These bubbles told the residents "Hey, neighbor! We're all still here and doing well! Let's enjoy this day!"

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