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Is it possible to register your pet as an ESA?


An emotional support animal (ESA) is a source of enormous strength, comfort, support, and ease for people suffering from psychological issues. During the past few years, the number of people suffering from mental issues has increased greatly, this has led to an increase in the demand and popularity of ESAs too.

An ESA, although not a complete replacement of the medication or therapeutic treatment, is used to alleviate symptoms or reduce the severity of mental illnesses. These animals do so by providing comfort to their owners whenever they feel stressed out. This comfort in turn helps in reducing the symptoms and stops the mental issues from getting worsened and many times cures them too.

An ESA has to be recommended by a licensed and certified healthcare professional having expertise in mental sciences. The healthcare professional checks the applicant for the mental condition and if he or she feels the need to recommend an ESA to the person, he or she will write an emotional support animal letter for the person.


The ESA letter is written on the letterhead of the medical expert who has thoroughly assessed the mental status of the individual and signed by the same expert too. An animal without the recommendation from the expert has no legal status of ESA. It is just an ordinary pet.

The letter of recommendation provided by the therapist, other than making a person qualified for an ESA, has two major other purposes too. one, it is used as an ESA letter , which gives the ESA owner the right to keep an animal with him/ her anywhere that the person lives. even if the landlord or the rules of the housing do not permit an ESA.

Since the ESAs can neither be denied an accommodation nor the landlord can ask for additional pet charges. Moreover, an ESA can also be taken along on a flight when the owner is traveling from one place to another. Additionally, the mental health benefits of the ESAs have also been validated by scientific research. This makes many people attracted to having an ESA.

ESAs have become immensely popular, many people are now getting inclined towards having an ESA for their emotional support. Also, many pet owners are looking for ways to get their pets registered as ESAs and enjoy the privileges of having an ESA.

The perks of having an ESA make many people disillusioned with the fact that they can simply get their current pets registered as an ESA. The reality is there is no such thing as registering pets as ESAs. The dogs can be used esa dog letter after following the proper checkups, and getting prescribed an ESA by the doctor; however, animals need no registration, and just claiming that I will now be using my pet as an ESA is completely wrong.

Many people that have psychological disabilities, like anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, are prescribed the ESAs so that they can get continuous support from the animals and the triggers of their mental issues can not make them more ill. However, a person can not just get an ESA because he or she thinks he or she should get one. There must be some psychological issues to get qualified for the ESA.

An ESA does not have to be an animal belonging to any specific species. The only thing that makes any animal qualified to become an ESA is that it must be capable of providing emotional support and be kept at home.

There is no concept of “REGISTERING” the pet as an ESA neither is there any ESA registration number. If your doctor thinks you need an ESA then it is up to you to use your already owned pet as an ESA or get another one. Once you get the ESA recommendation letter, any animal that you keep with yourself and move around with while you own the letter will be considered your ESA. There is no restriction upon which animal shall be used and which shall be not.

For the convenience of anyone confused about the answer to how to get an esa letter your pet registered as an ESA, the following are the steps to get an ESA.

  • Find out and research thoroughly about the uses and benefits of an ESA.
  • Once you get familiar with the advantages of the ESA and are sure that you can benefit from them then consult a therapist, psychologist, or a psychiatrist. The expert would be able to correctly evaluate your need for an ESA.
  • Find a reliable, certified, and licensed healthcare specialist who has a specialization in mental illnesses. You can either look for the clinics, or hospitals around you or avail authentic online services for this purpose.
  • Get yourself checked by the selected professional. Share your symptoms, conditions, and reservations that made you think you need an ESA.
  • Ask your specialist if you qualify for an ESA. If he or she will recommend it, then get the ESA recommendation letter signed and stamped by them. Get all the necessary information written on the letter and make sure the information is correct, the required information includes the name of the therapist, signatures, license number, and ESA identification number.
  • Once all the process has been completed and the doctor has found you qualified for the ESA, get a new animal or just simply start using the pet you already have as an ESA.

This is all about getting an ESA. Conclusively, a pet does not need to be registered as an ESA. All you need are the correct ESA documents.

Residents of Alaska, Oklahoma, Washington State, South Carolina, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Texas, Hawaii, and Indiana can now access emotional support and mental health evaluations from This online platform provides individuals with the support they need to improve their emotional and mental well-being, including ESA letters that allow individuals to bring their emotional support animals with them to no-pet housing, on airplanes, and other public places.



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