Robin Cruson
Medicare Advantage enrollment at all-time high; premiums remain affordable
Seniors and people with disabilities will have continued access to a wide range of Medicare health and drug plans in 2015; CMS reports $12 billion in...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Sep 22 2014
Confused about Medicare? We CAN Help!
Are you confused about Medicare or just have some questions you'd like answered? We CAN Help! Join us on Friday, September 19th @ 3:00 PM at Grace Avenue...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Sep 15 2014
Medicare ~ What You Need To Know!
Medicare Basics ~ What You Need To Know Join us on Thursday, August 28th, 7:00 PM at Grace Avenue UMC, 3521 Main Street, Frisco Texas for an informational...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Aug 25 2014
Do you find Medicare confusing?
Do you find Medicare confusing? If so, you’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey 1 that found that nearly 60% of Medicare beneficiaries described...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Aug 9 2014
Are You at Risk for a Heat-Related Illness?
A heat-related illness can be life threatening and needs to be taken seriously. During hot weather, being outside for even a short amount of time can cause a...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Aug 6 2014
Medicare Basics ~ What you need to know!
Medicare Basics ~ What You Need To Know As a Medicare Health Plan Advisor I hear all too often from seniors that they had no idea they had options regarding...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Aug 4 2014
Don’t Leave Medicare Benefits on the Table. Use Them!
Medicare is not just for when you’re sick or injured. Some Medicare benefits are designed to help you get and stay healthy. Your annual Medicare Wellness Visit...
Cruson Insurance Agency     Jul 25 2014
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