Amir Khan
The Benefits of In-home Music Lessons
There are many benefits of taking in-home music lessons. Below there is a list of how you or someone else could benefit from these lessons: 1. Our...
DFW Music Teacher     Jul 14 2014
Piano and voice lessons for young beginners
We get a lot of requests from parents looking for piano and voice lessons for young beginners. While ideal age to begin any musical instrument varies, here are...
DFW Music Teacher     Jul 3 2014
What is a good age for a child to begin piano lessons?
Many people ask when their children can start taking piano lessons. We suggest 5 years as an ideal age to begin piano lessons. The reason why we suggest that we...
DFW Music Teacher     Jun 20 2014
In-home Music Lessons with DFW Music Teacher
DFW Music Teacher is a Coppell-based company that provides in-home music lessons in Coppell and surrounding areas. We would like to make learning how to play an...
DFW Music Teacher     Jun 18 2014
Keyboard/piano buying guide for piano students
We're asked to recommend keyboard/piano for our students regularly. So we've prepared a brief keyboard/piano buying guide to assist our readers. While the...
DFW Music Teacher     Mar 2 2014
Can very young children take violin lessons?
Yes! While normally we have children starting violin at 8 years or older, younger students can take violin lessons. We have teachers who specialize in teaching...
DFW Music Teacher     Feb 23 2014
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