Niccole Maurici
5 Food To Boost Health This Holiday Season
Food provides your body with nutrients. Nutrients instruct your body how to function and give you the energy you need to get through the day. When you eat the...     Nov 18 2016
Embracing New Beginnings
New beginnings can be challenging, intimidating and hard to embrace. Our oldest child will graduate from the Elementary School where she has spent more than...     May 24 2016
10 Ways To Become The Strongest Mom
Being a mom is awesome! From my heart to yours, Happy Mother’s Day! Every day overflows with opportunities to love, teach and guide our children, whether they...     May 6 2016
4 Ways To Turn Rejection Into Success
Everyday, people are emotionally wounded by rejection. You can let rejection halt your forward progress or you can use rejection to fuel your passion to...     Apr 26 2016
Look Your Best This Swimsuit Season
In the last 50-years, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition has earned more than $1 billion in revenue. A lot can be said about the models, swimwear designers...     Apr 15 2016
Tri. Tri. Tri Harder.
Last weekend, our 7, 8 and 10-year olds competed in the Baylor Tom Landry Sunny Kids Tri. This year, Arianna bumped up to the Youth Senior group and completed a...     Apr 8 2016
Cut Calories And Lose Weight
Years ago, scientists discovered that one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories of energy. Does that mean you need to consume 3,500 less calories or burn 3,500...     Apr 2 2016
Traditions Preserve Past, Present and Future Generations
As a believer, Holy Week is a very special time of the year and culminates with Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. If you celebrate Easter, join me as we...     Mar 25 2016
Do You Want To Run A Half Marathon?
Tuesday morning, I dropped our kids off at school and before my 8-year old crossed the street, I opened the window and asked him, “Hey Pasquale, do you want to...     Mar 19 2016
The Importance of Cross Training
Cross training is an important component of exercise. Cross training uses several different exercise disciplines like plyometric exercises, interval training...     Mar 11 2016
Building Life Skills
Our 7-year old and 8-year old boys posted top-6 finishes in the Texas USA Wrestling State Rookie Tournament on Feb. 26. This tournament was the culmination to...     Mar 4 2016
Childhood Obesity And Weight Loss
Are children really at risk for becoming overweight and obese? The Centers For Disease Control and Protection (CDC) have some eye opening facts. According to...     Feb 3 2016
Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout
Most people know what you need to do when it comes to exercising. But after reading this, maybe you can implement some simple steps and tools to help you get...     Jan 26 2016
Are You A Hypocrite? I Am!
According to Merriam-Webster, a hypocrite is a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. Are you a hypocrite? I am. How so? I...     Jan 22 2016
Get Motivated To Exercise
Happy New Year!! Hopefully 2016 is off to a terrific start. Maybe the last couple of weeks have been filled with family visits, traveling or overindulgence....     Jan 9 2016
Green Bay Packers 2nd Grade Flag Football Team - Town North YMCA Champions
Front Row: (L-R): Nico Maurici, Anderson Hoctor, 2nd Row: (L-R): Gabe Nowak, Pasquale Maurici, Matthew White, Charlie Olmstead, Charles Brewer, Coaches: (L-R):...     Dec 14 2015
Green Bay Packers 2nd Grade Flag Football Team - Town North YMCA Champions
The Park Cities YMCA Green Bay Packers 2nd grade flag football team participated in the Town North YMCA Flag Football tournament and claimed the championship...     Dec 14 2015
Burn More Calories
Exercise has many benefits. Along with improving your overall health, exercise increases bone density, boosts your mood, memory and your learning. But for...     Dec 9 2015
Child Advocacy or Helicopter Parenting?
As a mom of four, I want the best for my children. Over the years, I have witnessed, been guilty of, or been affected by helicopter parenting . As a result, I...     Nov 27 2015
Avoid Weight Gain This Thanksgiving
The majority of Americans will be sitting around watching football and feasting on turkey, gravy, stuffing, sides, pecan and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. So how...     Nov 23 2015
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