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Hurricane Dorian’s Effects on the City of Jacksonville
Situated in northeastern Florida, the city of Jacksonville is a beacon of progress in northern Florida. From it’s clean, bright streets to the towering, modern... Florida     May 5 2020
BEST places to eat in Bowie MD
Situated between Washington DC and Annapolis Maryland is the city of Bowie, Maryland, an oasis for the middle and upper-class population. While this city had a... Maryland     Apr 24 2020
Cultural Attractions in Plano Texas
When you’re looking for a place to live in Texas, there are plenty of things you’ll need to know about your prospective new home. You’ll likely be curious to... Texas     Apr 13 2020
The Most active Senior Communities in Florida
I don’t know about you but when it’s time for retirement I want to find just the perfect place with the right kind of people which would make me feel like I... Florida     Apr 9 2020
The Real Estate Forecast in Naples, Florida for 2020
Not to be confused with Naples, Italy, the city of Naples located on the Gulf Coast in the state of Florida has it’s own, unique features. With a 10 mile long... Florida     Mar 6 2020
The housing market in Frisco, TX vs other suburbs of Dallas
You might have an idea by now of what Frisco, TX has to offer, but if you still have doubts or uncertainties about it, let’s just take care of those. Aside from... Texas     Feb 21 2020
Renting vs. Buying in Tampa
If you’re considering moving to Tampa, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. You’re probably thinking about what crime rates are like, or what things... Florida     Feb 13 2020
Living in San Antonio, TX
Have you ever wondered what’s it like to live in a big city, in the metropolitan area? What are your expectations when it comes to big cities? Is the urban feel... Texas     Feb 13 2020
The pros and cons of living in Houston, Texas
There is nothing like the urban feel of a big city, a large metropolis where the possibilities are endless and there’s nothing stopping you from reaching for... Texas     Feb 5 2020
Renting Vs. Buying in Canton GA
Throughout the years, one monolithic question has faced those seeking housing is: should you rent or buy? Many firmly and fervently prefer one over the other,... Georgia     Jan 29 2020
Leave Your Worries at the Door: Living in Boca Raton
Picture this: it’s a sunny afternoon in southern Florida. Light is beaming through the trees, drenching the beautiful green lawns in golden rays of sunshine.... Florida     Jan 14 2020
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