Brian Burell
Customization and Personalization: Key Trends Fashion Retailers Must Watch
Do you remember the golden days, when mass production was at the peak? Popularized by Henry Ford, mass production was one of the most successful strategies of...
Katalyst Technologies Inc     Mar 11 @ 5:18 am
Future of Fashion Lies with Technology
Valerie Steele, an American fashion historian, puts, “ I think that a lot of our fashion history shows do touch on important issues. Fashion and technology...
Katalyst Technologies Inc     Mar 9 @ 4:40 am
Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends for 2020
Ecommerce website is one of the most accessed touchpoints that allow visitors and customers to take a glance at your business offerings. And with features like...
Katalyst Technologies Inc     Mar 3 @ 7:15 am
Blockchain: Empowering Manufacturing In 2020
When talking about the factory of the future in 2020, one of the most significant enabling technologies is blockchain. RPA, AI, IoT are automating and...
Katalyst Technologies Inc     Feb 26 @ 7:00 pm
Digital Transformation in 2020: 5 Pro Tips to Ensure Success
Digital transformation is a catchphrase that has grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs, C-suite, business leaders, and strategists across industries at the...
Katalyst Technologies Inc     Feb 20 @ 6:50 am
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