Patricia Daiker
Diabetes Expectations – The Cause of Your Woes?
As I settled down in my yoga class this morning, our instructor brought up the difference between intention and expectation. Where intention is something you...
Dragonfly Lights, LLC     Jan 14 2020
Happy New Year! Guess what????
Happy New Year! The new year brings a clean slate and a fresh start (and so does every day, hour, minute . but that is a post for another day)! A fresh start...
Dragonfly Lights, LLC     Jan 3 2020
Diabetes got you down? Will power isn't what you are lacking!
Much like knowing the rules of baseball won't win you a World Series, just knowing how to treat diabetes won't get you the most healthy and happy life. Diabetes...
Coppell Classifieds     Sep 7 2018
Dealing with Diabetes FB Group!
Are you "Dealing with Diabetes"? Get connected with others who understand what its like by joining this Face Book Group! Dealing with Diabetes The...
Dragonfly Lights, LLC     Mar 30 2018
Agile Diabetes Management - Lessons From An Agile Software Development Model
Several years into my career in healthcare software, our development teams began using an "Agile" method to plan and create our products. The change was scary...
Dragonfly Lights, LLC     Mar 22 2018
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