Dr. Erik Harrington
Mom's Morning Out — Free Starbucks
When we show patients how much better their teeth look following a cosmetic procedure, we still watch them grimace at their before & after photos — not because...
Highland Park Dental     Jan 3 2013
Rise in Preschoolers with Major Dental Problems
A recent article in the New York Times indicates an increase in preschoolers with tooth decay so severe that they have to undergo major dental surgery with...
Highland Park Dental     May 24 2012
The Top Three Reasons I Have Not Taken My Child to the Dentist as told to Dr. H
More than half of children ages 5-9 have had at least one cavity or filling, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s crucial to...
Highland Park Dental     Jan 7 2012
Brace Yourself – The Truth About Braces
Braces are used to adjust an array of dental issues, which can consist of uneven tooth alignment or distended teeth (teeth that cross over one another). Some...
Highland Park Dental     Oct 21 2011
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