Jamie Spence
A New Laptop for Christmas?
Houstonians, are you planning on purchasing a new laptop, notebook, or desktop computer for Christmas this year? Before you head over to Fry’s to check off your...
Houston iReporter     Dec 2 2019
Surprising Facts About Identity Theft
Identity theft is frequently a hot topic on television news and online. Criminals are constantly expanding their reach and skills in efforts to obtain...
Seota Digital Marketing     Nov 21 2019
How to Get Insurance to Pay for Your Roof
In North Texas, we’re no strangers to severe weather. Strong thunderstorms, straight-line winds, and tornadoes make fairly regular appearances here, and these...
Seota Digital Marketing     Nov 20 2019
Is Your Guest Bathroom Ready for the Holidays?
The holidays are almost here. Do you have guests coming to stay with you this year? Much of Collin County's housing was built in the last twenty to thirty...
Seota Digital Marketing     Nov 19 2019
Does Your Pool Need a Cover This Winter?
Fall has finally arrived in North Texas and everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. As they said on “Game of Thrones,” however: “Winter is coming.” For those...
Seota Digital Marketing     Nov 17 2019
Exceptional Holiday Gift Ideas for Men
Picking out a gift for any man in your life could be considered “extreme shopping.” Like extreme sports, shopping for men involves a high degree of risk. You...
Seota Digital Marketing     Nov 17 2019
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