Robert Jenkins
Unmasking Pop Rocker Jess Pomerantz
A major theme in Jess Pomerantz’s new Simple In Disguise album is self-discovery. In “Kiss You Happy,” she learns that a guy confessing his love for her...
New York City iReporter     Apr 4 2017
Blonde Bombshells Bielfeld and Courtney Act “Dance Again”
These are turbulent times. Between ”fake news,” the passing of music icons David Bowie and George Michael, and Angelina and Brad announcing their split, some...
Los Angeles iReporter     Mar 27 2017
Kenyth Mogan Gets Real
In Kenyth Mogan's new song, " Real Me ", the young artist with newly died purple and blue locks, reveals himself to his lover. That is, he reveals his emotions...
Los Angeles iReporter     Mar 6 2017
Ricky Rebel Swings Both Ways, Performing Bar Sinister In Hollywood
Glam rocker Ricky Rebel falls at around a 4.5 on the Kinsey scale. That means he identifies as mostly gay with some hetero tendencies. “When women are...
Los Angeles iReporter     Feb 2 2017
Female Rapper is Ready To Roar
“I've been hurt in love by so many people,” says DEVMO, an LA rapper. “It made me so angry and vengeful," she admits. "I started playing with girls’ hearts,...
Los Angeles iReporter     Jan 27 2017
Los Angeles Quadruplets Climb The Euro Dance Charts
Four Los Angeles-area identical quadruplet sisters are making a musical splash overseas. Their single, “All About Tonight”, a sexy, pop track about where the...
Los Angeles iReporter     Dec 15 2016
NYC Celebrates NYE with WINGS OF CHANGE Gala
The WINGS OF CHANGE Gala will take place December 31st at New York’s prestigious Royalton Hotel. In what is expected to be the city’s most magnificent...
New York City iReporter     Dec 15 2016
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