Vivek Ghai
8 Tips to Consider Before Developing a Successful Mobile App
The digital world is constantly growing, so people are spending more time on their smartphones or mobile devices. Even according to the survey, it shows that...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 10 2019
Top Mobile App Categories Which Require Payment Gateway Integration
We are living in an age' where online shopping has become the routine of the day. So, this has enabled the ecommerce apps to implement and integrate the payment...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 7 2019
6 Must-Have Features for On-Demand Car Repair App
Getting a car repaired or serviced can be quite frustrating at times’ especially when you have to travel and all of sudden you get stuck because the car engine...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 6 2019
7 Significant Ways to Measure your Mobile Apps Success
Over the decade, there has been substantial growth in mobile app globally' where the app is shaping our everyday lives ever since its emergence. So, there isn’t...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 5 2019
Android vs iOS: Best platform for Mobile App Development
Today, the smartphone has truly transformed the way people communicate and has a significant effect on how people interact with technology. So, the most...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 4 2019
Major Benefits of AI in the E-Commerce Industry
Artificial intelligence(AI) is now no longer an unknown concept' it has a bearing on just about every possible thing from smart homes to e-learning and even...
iDesigniBuy     Jun 3 2019
Developing Magento based eCommerce website
Currently, e-commerce is evolving at an exponential rate, and Magento Web Development is rapidly taking a great step. Magento is the most preferred platform for...
iDesigniBuy     May 31 2019
How to hire Skilled Magento Developer for Your eStore
Magento is one of the most reliable ecommerce platforms for developing e-store whereas the Magento development stores have significant advantages as compared to...
Panacea Infotech Pvt. Ltd     May 24 2019
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