Alcohol detox west palm beach, drug detox west palm, inpatient detox, residential drug rehab. We are a comfortable and evidence-based drug and alcohol detox in West Palm Beach, Florida. We can free you or your loved one from the physical symptoms of addiction and start you on the path to recovery. We offer detox from drugs and alcohol on a medical basis so that you can safely resume the life you once lived, the life you thought was lost forever. Addicts emerge from Allure Detox healthy, sane, and prepared for a lifetime of recovery. Please contact us today if you or someone you love is suffering the pain of addiction.

Diagnosis disorders are commonplace. According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 8 million adults (3.4 percentage of adults) endured a mental disorder and a substance use disorder within the past year. Additionally, 2.6 million adults had co-occurring acute mental illness and substance use disorders within the last calendar year. Many treatment options are available, because dual diagnosis disorders are prevalent. One of these programs is the West Palm Beach dual diagnosis treatment center.

We Allure De-Tox know the value of handling all disorders that are present . Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is made up of men and women who've been at the addiction field and the emotional health field for years -- we know that for drug or alcohol treatment to become truly effective, all inherent disorders must be satisfactorily addressed. We are aware of the ways where one diagnosis changes another, and we provide thorough and comprehensive care, designed to successfully take care of each of our patients onto a basis.
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