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Finding the best inpatient drug rehabs San Diego offers is difficult for many reasons. Simply making the decision to go into treatment for a substance abuse disorder and/or mental health disorders is daunting, But the fact is that it’s crucial to continue receiving treatment for as long as possible. Many people will enter treatment, but once they begin to feel better, they will decide to leave. Only if you are able to continue getting support, direction, and resources in order to assure the greatest level of success is long-term recovery conceivable. 

HGR Drug Rehabs San Diego Explains Drug and Alcohol Detox 

At HGR inpatient drug rehabs San Diego the majority of people find beginning treatment terrifying. When you contemplate that you won’t be able to use the substance on which you had placed such a strong reliance. This can feel as though you are losing everything. Most people begin their treatment in the detox phase when they first enter it. It actually depends on each person and their usage; the range is generally between 7 and 14 days. Because you start to experience withdrawal from whatever substance you were taking, this is typically the hardest phase for most people to go through.

This includes, but is not limited to, nauseousness, vomiting, trembling, exhaustion, cramping in the muscles, increased anxiety or despair, even seizures. The majority of people’s decision to even enter drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers is influenced by knowing this. At that time, you start to feel physically better, and your mental health improves significantly. Most people refer to this as their “Clarity moment.”

You feel better physically and psychologically at this stage of recovery; most individuals would describe this feeling as “on top of the world” or “invincible.” The fact is that at this stage of your rehabilitation, it is absolutely essential that you stay in treatment and start creating short- and long-term goals, safety plans, continuous care, and other things.

HGR Drug Rehabs San Diego Explains “Why is this such a big deal?” 

Our drug rehabs San Diego, California program is evidenced based. We  continually research drug and alcohol addiction statistics. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s figures, 40 to 60 percent of those who complete a treatment program relapse. That only takes into account those who have successfully completed a treatment program; it does not take into account those who drop out of treatment during the first two to four weeks.

According to studies, it typically takes 12 weeks for someone to successfully kick a habit or form a new one. Your likelihood of relapsing is closer to 80–90% if you choose to attempt and manage your addiction on your own without continuing in a treatment program. If you decide to handle your recovery on your own, you lose out on important resources including the following.

  • consistent therapy sessions
  • medication administration
  • continuous medical and psychiatric assessments and plans
  • routine development
  • medication management

It is advised that you participate in a program like HGR’s inpatient drug rehabs San Diego for or a minimum of 60 to 90 days in order to remain in therapy and continue with an intensive outpatient program. Regarding insurance, your program will make every effort to maintain your coverage and extend your enrollment. It is significant to remember that people who work full-time still have access to a variety of therapy choices. We give those who can work remotely the best opportunity within our program to be able to work during their downtime. However, for people who lack that skill, there are still possibilities, such as requesting short-term disability. It is important to keep your focus on the end goal of a successful and long-term sobriety.

Advantages of Continuing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation 

You create a target set known as a clinical addiction treatment plan at the start of your recovery journey. This is typically during the first week in treatment. This plan was created by a highly qualified professional after they carefully considered your main objectives and concerns. The main challenges or problems that the client has are identified, along with goals that can be used to assist in resolving them.

For the client to be able to stay sober and improve themselves while doing so, this plan is essential. This treatment plan is regularly reviewed to see how much progress or improvements you have made. The issue is that if you discontinue treatment after a few weeks, you will be unable to advance toward your present goals and will no longer be able to work through these issues in a structured manner. It is quite simple to claim that you feel that you have been provided with all the tools necessary and are prepared to begin carrying out tasks on your own. The reality is that learning the many coping mechanisms and cognitive models you would require in such a brief amount of time is really challenging.

There are numerous advantages to long-term care, such as the clinical component where you can address all of your issues or worries or even your physical health. Physical and mental health are typically significantly ignored when addiction is prevalent. You will have access to health care, psychiatric evaluations, and fundamental preventive medicine if you are in a treatment program.

Various Stages of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Recovery 

Undoubtedly, the drug and alcohol detox centers San Diego phase of treatment might be the most challenging. However, there are several levels that are crucial to push through in order to strive for long-term recovery. As you go through the levels, you’ll notice that both your treatment plan and your obligations are becoming more and more extensive.

For instance, you can be given more challenging objectives to meet, you might start talking about really delicate subjects, and you might get more regular assignments to finish. Setting oneself up for success is one very crucial aspect of moving through the many stages of recovery. Why does that matter? Well, identifying your main triggers would be the first step in helping you prevent relapsing or at the very least reduce the likelihood.

At HGR drug rehabs San Diego our clinicians are highly experienced. They carefully guide you through the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers protocols. You first see this in the early stages of rehabilitation. Typically, this is identified during the initial stages of treatment. Not only does knowing your triggers help you avoid certain situations, but it also teaches you how to deal with or get through these triggers. A safety and relapse prevention plan is something you create when you are in the middle of your recover. Before you start considering shifting into a lower level. In order to stay sober and productive on a daily basis, you now begin to develop various tactics that you will use. In the event that you are triggered and are at a high risk of relapsing,

it is crucial to find methods that you can utilize and that you feel are effective for you. Examples include removing yourself from a scenario where alcohol or other drugs are present and changing your surroundings. If you are having trouble with increased anxiety, another option is to use breathing methods, all in an effort that you no longer feel the need to use any substance or alcohol.

HGR Drug Rehabs San Diego Helps Plan for Continued Care 

HGR inpatient drug rehabs San Diego helps all our clients plan for a continuum of care. Of course, given that inpatient addiction treatment programs have been shown to have significantly greater success rates, it would be advised that a client stay in one for as long as possible. It is crucial that you continue receiving comprehensive outpatient therapy once you reach the point of leaving an inpatient program. Enrolling in an IOP drug rehab or outpatient addiction treatment center is advisable. This entails continuing with treatment planning, daily journaling, group and individual therapy sessions, and attendance. 

This is significant because when people leave an inpatient treatment, they frequently are confronted with the unpleasant reality that they must once again cope with problems or worries from their daily lives. Many patients who are enrolled in an inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation treatment program forget about some of their everyday triggers and they are used to a set schedule and routine. Success depends on habit, and many people who have been successful in their recovery have kept up a beneficial routine. Maintaining a level of security, accountability, and ongoing support for the client through intensive outpatient programs is a guarantee. People frequently relapse after leaving an inpatient treatment if no plans are made because they are unprepared for the reality of living sober.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that recovery is a lifelong struggle and being sober does not necessarily equate to being cured. Both one day and twenty years of sobriety are not guarantees against recurrence. Addiction is objective; thus your chances of success are quite slim if you’re not willing to keep working on yourself.

Our Drug Rehabs San Diego Addiction Treatment Centers Accept Most Health Insurances

HGR drug rehabs San Diego addiction treatment centers near Escondido, California accept most health insurances. This is critical, since most of our clients tell us that it was a big factor in picking an addiction treatment center. We accept the following health insurances and many more’

  • Anthem Blue Cross Insurance for Drug Rehab
  • AETNA Health Insurance for Drug Rehab
  • CIGNA Health Insurance for addiction treatment
  • TRICARE for mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Humana Insurance for substance Abuse treatment
  • United Health Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

In addition, we use credentialled substance abuse counselors. We believe a skilled clinician’s responsibility is to make sure you are equipped to deal with life’s stresses, including those related to money, relationships, chronic pain, mental health, and many other things. The only way that can happen is to keep learning and improve your coping mechanisms while enrolled in a program.

Different forms of therapy are beneficial to everyone but getting access to those clinicians is frequently exceedingly difficult or even impossible. If you stay or continue in a long-term treatment plan, you will regularly and consistently have access to competent and experienced staff. Recovery is challenging but you have a much better chance of making a full recovery if you commit to staying in a treatment program for substance misuse for as long as feasible.

If you are reading this, it is most likely you need help for yourself or a loved. The time is now to call 760-697-0497. We accept most health insurances and can get you in today. The first step is the most difficult. Give us a call and let us guide you into long-term recovery.


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