Each community is its own bubble that brings together people, organizations and businesses in common cause. BubbleLife helps connect communities and neighborhoods just like Facebook connects families and friends.

For Local Residents & Readers

BubbleLife brings together everything local including news, events, discussions, classifieds and much more. Just like Facebook, you can follow your favorite contributors, organizations and businesses to create your own custom news feed, or follow moderated local news from hundreds of sources. Then, BubbleLife makes it easy to share your own news, events and classifieds with everyone in the area.

BubbleLife now has coverage in more than 100 local communities with hundreds more opening soon. Sign up and choose your own local BubbleLife.

For Local Businesses and Organizations

BubbleLife brings together everything that local organizations and businesses need to connect locally, including PR, advertising, social media, email, text messaging, and much more. We call this BubbleLife Connect. With Connect, you can build your own local follower list to boost visibility and increase fundraising or sales. Plus, you can even open your own local online store.

Join thousands of local businesses who use BubbleLife Connect to connect locally.
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