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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

Lying beneath the bustle of business, you’ll discover a vibrant art culture in Dallas. This week, we found and featured seven artists you should know, ranging from watercolorists to furniture designers. Read about their backgrounds, inspirations and processes.

Seven Local Artists You Should Know

1. Through The Looking Glass: Meet Artist Carl Trimble

Growing up in Tyler, local artist Carl Trimble was fascinated by the stained glass windows at a downtown church. In 1967 he read an article in a magazine that explained the process of creating stained glass art. He said, “I can do that.” And he did. Trimble is now a prolific artist with work exhibited across the nation. Read more about Trimble’s work in the story. http://bubly.us/3Flx


2. Merging Sports And Art: Meet Artist Rob Jackson

After losing his dream of playing college football, local artist Rob Jackson merged his passion for athleticism and love of art. Throughout his art career, Jackson has worked with former Cowboys player DeMarcus Ware and Vikings player Greg Jennings. Read more about Jackson’s impressive career in the article. http://bubly.us/3Fly


3. Reclaimed, Reused, Recycled: Meet Gary Buckner Of STASH DESIGN

Gary Buckner, owner of STASH DESIGN, uses his immense knowledge of engineering and industrial design to create unique accessories, furniture and sculptures. You can find Buckner’s pieces at The Belmont Hotel, Chicken Scratch and The Foundry Bar and Oddfellows. Learn more about Buckner’s work in the Q&A article. http://bubly.us/3FmR


4. Afternoon With An Artist: Meet Artist Elizabeth Wiley

Through her acrylic and oil paintings, local artist Elizabeth Wiley hopes to evoke peace and calmness. Each morning, she chooses the color that speaks to her to create a “one-a-day” painting, and then work on larger commission pieces. For her one-a-day paintings, Wiley strives to make pieces that are inspired, spontaneous and joyful. Read more about Wiley and her artistic process in the story. http://bubly.us/3Fm4


5. Creating 'Cultural Constructs': Meet Artist Giovanni Valderas

Giovanni Valderas, an artist based in Oak Cliff, creates mixed media pieces inspired by his Latin American background. While piecing together charcoal, duct tape, reclaimed wood and indigenous fabric, Valderas channels the historic methods of piñata making to create "cultural constructs." Learn more about this artist’s background in the Q&A article. http://bubly.us/3Fmf


6. Conversation With A Master Watercolorist: Meet Artist Cherie Giddens

Cherie Giddens works as a professional watercolorist and owner of Giddens Gallery of Fine Art, an artistic gem found in Grapevine. She finds daily inspiration in nature's ever-changing beauty and transcendence. Learn more about Giddens’ work in the Q&A article. http://bubly.us/3FqC


7. Bringing Canvas To Life: Meet Artist Suzy Mortiz

BubbleLife writer Sheila Huffman met local artist Suzy Moritz at The Songbird Society to kill two birds with one stone: an interview with Moritz and a color touch-up. Moritz explained that she has always painted, learning as a child growing up in Houston. Learn more about Moritz’s background in the article. http://bubly.us/3Fme

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