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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

This week, we’re featuring Dallas-Fort Worth area authors, poets and favorite books from across the Metroplex. We were thrilled to learn about the literary talent coming out of North Texas, so take a minute and read on to discover the stories these local writers have to share.

Top Stories of the Week

1. Must-Read Books Your Children Will Love

Last month, we asked BubbleLife readers to help us build up our reading lists by telling us their favorite children’s books. Thanks to our readers, we received plenty of ideas for holiday gifts for the little ones! Find your child’s new favorite book here: http://bubly.us/3V8G


2. Young Poet Wins National Award

When Makayla Nerpel was a child, she read T.S. Eliot with her mother. Now, the Allen High School student is writing her own poetry and receiving national recognition for her prose. In early November, Nerpel attended the National High School Journalism Convention in Washington D.C. and received Superior recognition. Read more about Nerpel’s poetry here: http://bubly.us/3Uox


3. The Perfect Collection Of Spine-Tingling Poems

Coppell resident Jennifer Cole Judd partnered with other writers to release “An Eyeball in my Garden,” a collection of 44 poems. This book appeals to children and adults, as each spooky poem evokes nostalgia, a pinch of terror and hint of humor. Experience Judd’s creepy fun here: http://bubly.us/3Urr


4. Stand-Out Storyteller Offers Tips to Keep Kids Reading

Angela Brumbaugh, an author based in DFW, seeks to inspire children to chase their dreams. Her literary work, which includes more than a dozen children’s books, teaches life lessons to the next generation. In our article, Brumbaugh gives tips to instill a love of reading and learning. See this author’s advice to parents on helping their children love reading: http://bubly.us/3Uro


5. Local Authors You Need to Know

We asked our readers to help us take storytelling local by filling us in on their favorite books by Dallas-Fort Worth area authors. Ranging from children’s fiction to mouthwatering cookbooks, we were impressed by the variety of content these authors had to offer. Get to know these local authors and their stories here: http://bubly.us/3V8F

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