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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

How many pies do you need in order to feed 300 people Thanksgiving dinner? What are the extreme lengths people will go to for their pets? (Hint: it involves a LOT of money and a legal document!) Learn the answers to these questions and more in this week’s DFW Sunday Edition!

Top Stories of the Week

1. How Many Pumpkin Pies Does It Take to Feed 300 People?

For some of us, the giving season is linked to Black Friday and retail sales, but a generous heart has very little to do with the amount of money spent on gifts and goodies, demonstrated by Nancy Anderton and members of Central Christian Church. Each year, Anderton and her crew take on the task of baking pumpkin pies for more than 300 people at Dallas’ Austin Street Center, an emergency shelter for homeless men and women. Get in the giving spirit and learn just how many pies these volunteers make each year: http://bubly.us/3bQt


2. Help Us Build Our Holiday Bucket List

We need your help! The holiday season is in full swing, and we’re on the lookout for the best holiday events and activities across the Metroplex. Vote in our newest BubbleLife Best Of survey to tell us about your favorite holiday-themed activity in your community. Once we round up the results, we’ll share our findings so you can create your own list of festive activities to complete before 2015 gets here! http://bubly.us/3bQu


3. You Won’t Believe How Much This Celebrity Loves Her Pets

How much do you love your pets? Maybe you sneak them “human food” and treat them with Thanksgiving leftovers. Maybe they get pampered at a luxury pet hotel when you’re out of town. You may consider your pets to be family, but does that mean you’d leave your furry friends a cut of your estate? You won’t believe which celebrity is reportedly leaving her entire $5 million estate to her dogs. Collin County attorney Jac Schuster gives us some comical insight on the latest trend in estate planning — the Pet Trust: http://bubly.us/3bQv


4. A Little Rain Can’t Stop Santa

Last weekend’s rain may have put a damper on some outdoor plans, but hundreds of people braved the weather to see Sundance Square’s Christmas Tree Lighting and welcome Santa to the Metroplex. See photos from the festive event here: http://bubly.us/3bQw


5. Creative Talent Runs Rampant at Allen High School

Last week, we told you about Allen’s Makayla Nerpel, who was recently awarded a Superior award at the National High School Journalism Convention. This week, we’re showcasing Joshua Magpantay, an Allen High School sophomore who is giving writers like Nerpel a platform to share their work through his new publication, “Noise.” You’ll be inspired by Magpantay’s ambition: http://bubly.us/3bQx

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