I have 2 boys who have been there for several years. My 5 year old is in public kindergarten now. He left Crème reading at a 1st grade level and is so prepared that he needs to be tested for the gifted and talented program!!! Our 3 year old is still at Crème. I love Crème for many reasons, but here are a few: 1. The Director, Brenda Sloggett, is very well disciplined and experienced as the Director so she trains the staff well. Because of her excellent leadership, it trickles down to the quality of the teachers too. 2. The teachers have been exceptional when compared to other schools we have used. They’re mature, professional, well trained, they go above and beyond to meet the needs of the children and seem to genuinely care. 3. Very clean campus! They have a full time cleaning crew during the day to clean and wash naptime linens and equipment rather than waiting to do it over night or on the weekends. 4. Very fun for the kids with activities/equipment ranging from a smart board, bikes/tricycles, basketball court, waterpark, dance studio, indoor gym, computers, music, etc. 5. When my kids were still in diapers, the school provides diapers/wipes so that seemed to offset the higher tuition. 6. The quality of the meals/snacks are amazing from organic to healthy hot meals and fresh fruit and veggies that are nutritious. My kids loved eating at Crème and I loved the fact that their meals were fresh and good for them!!

~ Current Crème de la Crème Parent 2015
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