12, June 2017: As two-wheel lovers, roaming freely in this sports is always pursued. However, safety issue can’t be ignored for any time. So riders had better choose the right head equipment to give your riding a guarantee. As the new comer of C series product, Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmets appear to escort for your travelling.

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Motorcycle, vehicle which many people are fond of, seems very cool. The sound made by driven motor and the excitement it brings always makes us fascinated. But here we have responsibility to kindly remind you that although riding motorcycle is full of fun, you won’t forget to wear head equipment-helmet. With the appearance of Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmets, motorcycle lovers will enjoy a more pleasant journey.

Sure, traditional helmets can’t keep pace with the current trend and can’t satisfy motorcycle riders either. They are looking forward to own a smart helmet which gathers many functions except the basic protection aspect. In other words, the helmet must be comfortable to wear and be able to share responsible for its wearers. Undoubtedly, so far Airwheel C6 smart motorcycle helmet can be ranked top.

On the one hand, C6 open face helmets have four sizes (S 55-56mm /M 57-58mm/ L 59-60mm/XL 61-62mm) for wearers with different head circumferences so as to get the most comfortable one. The inner lining material employs the American imported foaming EPS to improve the wearing comfort level. Besides, the good stability and abrasion resistance adopted in the shell makes C6 strong enough to cope with any circumstance.

On the other hand, this scooter helmet is equipped with keys, answer key for picking up phone call, key for taking photos or videos and key for playing music. The built-in Wi-Fi modules can enable C6 to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot and so you can upload those beautiful photos or splendid videos into major social media platform and share with your friends or others. Out of security, C6 is installed with a caution-light. When the lighting shows insufficient, the caution light located in the rear of the helmet will keep flashing to alarm the rear vehicles or pedestrians.

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