05, September 2017: AnyFlip, a leader in digital publishing software solutions, offers WordPress website owners a distinct advantage over their competitors because with their easy to use flipbook software anyone who owns a WordPress website can easily turn their PDF into flipbook WordPress in a matter of minutes.

Created by Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip, this software has an elegant page flipping effect that increases time spent on the page because flipbooks stand out and are more distinct than traditional static website pages so visitors will be more inclined to flip pages rather than continue scrolling.

Easy to Use! No Coding or Knowledge of HTML Required!

AnyFlip PDF to Flipbook Wordpress desktop publishing software is easy to use and every WordPress website owner can have their PDF’s converted to flipbooks in minutes. What’s even better is that once the flipbook is created it can be viewed across the Internet, on all devices.

What’s great about AnyFlip is that this software doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or HTML so anyone can easily use it! To make a flipbook a user has to do is import their PDF, choose from over 120 pre-designed templates, add their logo, then publish their flipbook to the AnyFlip WordPress plugin. Flipbook creators can also add music and video to their flipbooks making them more interactive, encouraging their visitors to spend as much time on their websites as possible.

Increase Time Spent on the Website with AnyFlip

Besides giving website owners the ability to create excellent flipbooks for their websites, AnyFlip also offers many other additional features which also make it possible for any website owner to embed a virtual bookshelf on their website so visitors can read their previous PDF’s, books, or issues of their magazines online.

Concerned about security? No problem! Website owners can also have confidence that their flipbooks will be protected thanks to the AnyFlip PDF to Flipbook WordPress security features which also make it possible to protect publications via encryption and password protection.

To learn more about AnyFlip, visit to get started for free today!

About AnyFlip:

Trusted by over 200,000 publishers worldwide, AnyFlip has quickly become the Internet’s leading FlipBook publishing platform and it’s used by many of the world’s most trusted brands including Dell, Airbnb, Evernote and more!

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