04, October 2017: Ekveda Superfoods today announced that they have successfully begun full-scale production of commercially saleable dry fruit products using the latest grading, separating, and de-stoning machinery and the vacuum seal packaging technology at their state-of-the-art production plant in Pune, Maharashtra. The company brings a line of 100% fresh and quality products that include cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, pistachio and various other dry fruits and spices. 


With all products procured from the best sources and packed with quality and innovation, Ekveda brings a new option that makes dry fruit servings healthier and hygienic for people of all ages. They are offering easy-to-pack dry fruit boxes, which include carefully cleaned and graded products to be consumed or used in a variety of recipes. 


“We are so excited to add our new dried fruit line that can bring a whole new experience for the Indian consumer. It’s a premium dry fruit option that still fits within the budget of every household, explains Vedant Goel, the owner of Ekveda Superfoods. 

According to reports, more and more people are adopting healthier food habits and the consumption of dry fruits is supposed to skyrocket in the next few years. By 2020, the Indian dry fruit market size will touch the Rs 30,000 crore mark with the increasing awareness of health needs. Ekveda is spending significantly not only on procurement channels, but also on cleaning, grading and packaging machinery to emerge as the key player in this burgeoning Indian dry fruit industry. 

“Ekveda Superfoods is a successful start-up with the utilization of our vacuum pack technology that signifies the beginning of a new dry fruit consumption pattern for Indian families. We hope to see grow and continue to develop our product line. Ekveda Superfoods is a motivated innovator with the successful new dry fruit product launches,” stated Vedant. 

According to Vedant, the company is also planning to launch an Indian snack line or namkeens and has a multi-million dollar nationwide expansion plan to take their products to every household across the length and breadth of this vast nation. 

Each Ekveda dry fruit box comes with a specific flavor combination. These large dried fruit pieces are rich with the real color, flavor and the taste of the natural fruit. “It’s a really revolutionary product line that surpasses traditional dried products in nutritional content, as well as in flavor and taste”, reveals Vedant. 

Ekveda dry products are available in several packaging ranges and products are packed under the highest quality assurance standards that are the hallmarks of this Pune based company. To know more about the company’s product line, one can visit the website 

About Ekveda Superfoods 

Ekveda Superfoods manufactures and supplies cashew nuts, walnuts and various other quality dry fruits, highly acclaimed for their freshness and hygiene. The company has the vision to make Ekveda Superfoods a brand that is synonymous with quality dry fruits and spices throughout India. All products are manufactured at their state-of-the-art unit consisting of machinery for grading, separating, as well as de-stoning. 

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