China; 24, June 2016: From being a day to day pass time to an occasional hobby, cigarettes have been a part of daily commodity for a large number of people in the world. This has been there since ages and have come in different forms and flavors. The vast number of local as well as global players selling products in trillions every year is the result of the huge demand which is there. People who smoke often prefer to try out different brands besides being religious followers of their preferred brands. However, each of them have limited access to different brands and ordering global branded cigarettes is not so easy for all. To make this an easier affair and offer a single stop destination selling products from almost all the popular brands, has come up with its online store.

The store is currently featuring 1000s of products from over 50 different brands on its online shopping portal. It could a purchase of Marlboro lights cigarettes or any other variety of Marlboro cigarettes, the store features them all. The website has been built with the user convenience in mind and a customer can go through all the possible brands from the homepage of the store itself. Depending on their preferred brands customers can click on the relevant categories. Once in the category, they are presented with a number of products to choose from. Each of these products come with a detailed information about price, MOQ, and a picture to facilitate the purchase of the customer. Once a customer is sure about the product they can add them and move ahead with the product confirmation. After the orders get confirmed the company offers the details for making payments. Depending on the preferred mode a customer can make a payment using Bank Wire or Western Union which needs to be confirmed to the company.

An order is usually reaches customer within 7 days and can be delivered to customers from across the world. Customers will be delighted to know that the products are shipped by using the services of DHL which is a global leader in its industry. Hence, be it purchasing the Newport Cigarettes or any other brand, the website acts a complete store for almost all.

About is a single stop destination offering a wide range of cigarettes from all the leading brands that are popular across the world. The products can be ordered from their online store while payments can be made through Bank Wire or Western Union depending on the preference of the customer. For more information about their products, please visit their website.

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