United States; 27, December 2017: Established and respected SEO professionals at JMJ Marketing Services have just launched a new series of services for their clients. It is hoped the new range of offerings will assist business owners in getting the best results from their search engine optimization efforts. After conducting a lot of market research, the experts working for this brand chose to develop some additional services that will ensure everyone gets the optimum results for their investment. Unlike some competitors who prefer to outsource, JMJ Marketing understands that providing all these services in-house is in the best interests of their clients.

Press Releases

Alongside their standard SEO services, JMJ Marketing can now create press releases for their clients. The team will research the company concerned and develop a beautifully-worked piece of promotional content that gets placed in relevant spots all over the internet. As standard, all press releases get Google News inclusion, and that helps to ensure the content receives as much attention as possible.

Local Citations

Local citations are essential for most businesses these days if they want to develop a robust online presence. Repeated inclusions and mentions in directories are the best way to instruct Google to list your website correctly. Google uses those remarks as a trust signal, and so they will assist all operations in boosting their ranking within relevant search results.

Content Writing

The content writing services now available from JMJ Marketing cover a broad range of different applications. The team at JMJ can provide original and well-worded content for things like:

- Blog Writing
- Educational Articles
- Press Releases
- Web Page Content
- Product/Service Reviews

That means clients can improve their websites, boost their brand authority, and even publish a few interesting blog posts along the way to expand their audience and reach.

Blogger Outreach

Most people understand that publishing backlinks within relevant content is one one of the best ways to create the impression of popularity and encourage Google to push a domain towards the top of search results. The team at JMJ Marketing now offer that service, and they even deal with the placement of the blog posts, so clients don’t have to spend weeks emailing website owners to get their consent.

Business owners and online entrepreneurs who want to know more about the new services JMJ Marketing provides should head over to their website and take a look around. There is some fantastic information that will shed light on the process and set the record straight. Also, anyone can start the ball rolling and request a quote by clicking the appropriate links.

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