United States; 30, June 2016: The intense summer heat is just a few weeks away and with the global warming problems this year is likely to experience much higher temperatures. Before the summer hits in full force, ensure that you make your home ready to handle the increase in temperate levels. So, what should you do first?

This is the time to ensure that your air condition is functioning perfectly, so get a complete maintenance done. This way, if you test the HVAC system and find out that it’s not operating properly, you will have the time to find a solution to the problem before the blazing sun gets unbearable.

When experts from leading HVAC companies like Trane, Air National HVAC, and Watsco were asked for suggestions to maintain the air conditioning system in perfect condition, here’s what they recommended.

Replace the air filter to ensure smooth functioning of the whole system.
Clear any possible debris around or on the exhausts or vents and clean away the dirt from the main unit.
Check for ventilation leakage.
Test the complete unit to ensure that it’s functioning properly.
One of the experts said – "You can simply leave your AC on while you are away and to test it out. That will do the trick, though if you want a more detailed test, you can switch on the unit and check how efficiently it performs using a thermometer."

If the unit is not working efficiently or properly, you might have to seek the assistance of a professional to diagnose the problem and find a solution. They will test the whole unit and see if the air ducts have any possible leakage.

Another expert HVAC technician clarified when it’s the right time to replace an air conditioning unit – "If your AC unit is more than 15-20 years old, you might consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient, Energy Star unit." If you plan ahead, you can also get your air conditioning units for sale online which can save you a significant amount of money.

Overall, it’s great if your air conditioning unit is working perfect. If not, getting things set right is the first step to stay prepared for the quickly approaching summer.

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United Kingdom; 28, June 2016: Among the most important necessities of life, health services and advanced solutions are one of the most essentials things. There are a number of organizations that offer advanced treatments and medical solutions treating a number of diseases and medical conditions. One such unit that intends in offering cutting edge treatment and making them accessible besides being tailored to meet the needs of different patients, Coyne Medical offers its comprehensive set of services. The team combines excellent clinical services with a fresh as well as friendly approach of bringing convenience and cost-effective health care solutions when and wherever needed.

The medical team not only caters to patients at their premises but also offer dedicated Private GP Fulham, Private GP London, and Private GP Chelsea. Their doctor on call services offer the opportunity for users to book Private Doctor Fulham, Private Doctor Chelsea or even Private Doctor London. Understanding the urgency and the importance of right treatment, the organization offers same day doctors, as well as same day GP appointments. Among the many popular services, some of the popular ones include health assessments, health checkup, health screening, blood tests, vaccination, and a lot more. The organization is headed by Dr. J Hugh Coyne and Dr. Lucy Hooper who are both MBBS and highly experienced doctors themselves.

Besides their own unit in London which is merely 9 minutes’ walk from Parsons Green and Fulham Tube Stations, the services of Coye Medical can be availed from their online website as well. The website besides offering all the important details about their services, offers the option to book appointments and visits online. It may be for a blood test or a vaccination, patients have the flexibility to book them all from its online portal. The unit also offers a special program by the name of Weight loss Fulham, Weight loss Chelsea and Weight loss London. Additionally, they feature their exclusive range of sports medical services and sports medicines exclusively for the sportsmen. In case of any other queries in regards to the services, their charges, their availability or anything specific to the health industry, patients may get in touch with them over the mentioned phone numbers or an email. The team makes sure to respond to all queries in the quickest possible time.

About Coye Medical:

Coye Medical is a London based organization that offers its health related services and treatments to people living in Fulham, London and Chelsea area. They cater to patients both at their diagnostic center as well as at their homes. For more details about their services, please visit their website. 


United States of America; 28, June 2016: Ecommerce has emerged to be a great platform to do businesses and offer products and services. Fashion products and accessories from both reputed brands as well as a number of smaller brands are available across the internet. Many companies are shipping products to countries far and wide and offering some of the quickest services. One such company that is offering its wide range of personal products and accessories is the Gentleman’s Joggers. The shopping portal is currently presenting an exclusive collection for customers across the globe in different categories.

The shop has been categorized into 4 broad categories namely, Accessories, Clothing, Hygiene & Health, Shoes. The store has a dedicated section for the Joggers which present a range of shirts, shorts, sweater, socks, tank tops, etc. In order to make a purchase from their website, customers would need to register using their email address and start shopping. For instance, a customer looking to purchase shirts can browse the collection for long shirts for men or even plaid shirts for men.Clicking on any of the sections opens up a huge list of products from some popular brands. Further, depending on their choices, customers may open different options and go through the details of each. Each product offers detailed descriptions along with high quality pictures. It facilitates the users in understanding the kind of products which are available and if particular product is what they are looking to purchase.

It could be anything from hipster clothing to streetwearor men’s joggers, the store has them all. The website accepts payments in USD (US Dollars) and ships products globally. They abide by the international packing norms and make sure that the products reach the customer in the best conditions. Each of these orders which are billed above $50 come with a free international shipping option. Additionally, the store also features several discounts and offers from time to time. The products featured on the store are among the latest ones which usually gets updated on a regular basis. For any details about a particular product or to get answers to specific queries or questions related to any of the products and services, customers can visit the FAQ section on the website. They also have the option to use any of the contact details for getting in touch with the representatives of the company.

About Gentlemens Joggers:

Gentlemens Joggers is an online shopping portal that is offering its exclusive collection of fashion products and accessories. These products are offered from reputed brands and are available for customers across the world. For more details or to place an order, please visit their website.


25, June 2016: Colleagues at Ellis Whittam have presented North West Air Ambulance with a cheque for £4,115.

North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) has been a chosen charity partner for Ellis Whittam for the past year and has been the beneficiary of a series of fundraising efforts by staff.

NWAA is one of 18 air ambulance charities in the UK. Contrary to popular belief, the Air Ambulance is not part of the NHS and receives no government funding, so they rely solely on donations.

Ellis Whittam’s fundraising efforts will support up to 20 callouts.

Gillian Edwards, Regional Fundraising Manager at NWAA said: “We are so grateful for the support of Ellis Whittam. This donation of £4,115, as a result of their fundraising, is absolutely marvellous. As a charity which is totally reliant on donations to stay operational, contributions like these are vital for us to continue our life-saving work across the North West.”

Ellis Whittam colleagues have run a series of fundraising events over the last year to raise money including sweepstakes, dress down days, car washes, bake-offs and auctions.

Josephine Mann, speaking on behalf of Ellis Whittam’s colleague forum, said: “Colleagues at EW are absolutely thrilled to have raised such an amazing amount for such a worthy cause. We are delighted to know that our hard work raising this money will help to save so many lives.”

About Ellis Whittam:

Ellis Whittam provides fixed fee Employment Law, HR, Health & Safety, training and recruitment services to UK employers. The company was founded in 2004 by Mark Ellis and now leads the market with their unrivalled quality of service and value for money solutions. Based in Chester, Ellis Whittam supports thousands of organisations in over 40 market sectors across the UK. For more information visit or call 0845 226 8393.

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China; 24, June 2016: From being a day to day pass time to an occasional hobby, cigarettes have been a part of daily commodity for a large number of people in the world. This has been there since ages and have come in different forms and flavors. The vast number of local as well as global players selling products in trillions every year is the result of the huge demand which is there. People who smoke often prefer to try out different brands besides being religious followers of their preferred brands. However, each of them have limited access to different brands and ordering global branded cigarettes is not so easy for all. To make this an easier affair and offer a single stop destination selling products from almost all the popular brands, has come up with its online store.

The store is currently featuring 1000s of products from over 50 different brands on its online shopping portal. It could a purchase of Marlboro lights cigarettes or any other variety of Marlboro cigarettes, the store features them all. The website has been built with the user convenience in mind and a customer can go through all the possible brands from the homepage of the store itself. Depending on their preferred brands customers can click on the relevant categories. Once in the category, they are presented with a number of products to choose from. Each of these products come with a detailed information about price, MOQ, and a picture to facilitate the purchase of the customer. Once a customer is sure about the product they can add them and move ahead with the product confirmation. After the orders get confirmed the company offers the details for making payments. Depending on the preferred mode a customer can make a payment using Bank Wire or Western Union which needs to be confirmed to the company.

An order is usually reaches customer within 7 days and can be delivered to customers from across the world. Customers will be delighted to know that the products are shipped by using the services of DHL which is a global leader in its industry. Hence, be it purchasing the Newport Cigarettes or any other brand, the website acts a complete store for almost all.

About is a single stop destination offering a wide range of cigarettes from all the leading brands that are popular across the world. The products can be ordered from their online store while payments can be made through Bank Wire or Western Union depending on the preference of the customer. For more information about their products, please visit their website.

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