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When you think of Florida, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Miami, with its vast green spaces, towering skyscrapers and raucous nightlife? Is it Key West, with its breezy local atmosphere, balmy weather and white sand beaches? Or is it perhaps the city of Orlando, home of Disney World, Universal Studios Theme Park and countless other tawdry delights? 


If you were to poll a group of travelers from across the country, odds are these places would feature prominently on the list of things they associate most readily with the state of Florida. It makes sense, really; from movies to music to tourism brochures and advertising campaigns, these cities have become synonymous with Florida in most people’s minds. 


These are all part of Florida’s great places, no doubt. There’s plenty of fun to be found inside the city limits of each, and visitors are unlikely to end their trip dissatisfied. But what about Florida’s other cities? Do these smaller, less populous locales that are often overlooked in favor of their larger, better-illuminated counterparts have anything of worth to offer? 


To make a long story short, the answer is yes: they do! As a matter of fact, there’s an entire region of Florida that has remained almost entirely overlooked by tourists and home buyers alike for decades on end. What is that region? We’re glad you asked, because today we’re giving you the answer to that question and a whole lot more. Let’s talk about the Panhandle! 

An underappreciated but exquisite strip of paradise

Far from the crowded sidewalks and unbearable heat of Miami and Key West, there lies an exquisitely beautiful strip of land that has, for reasons unbeknownst to us, remained all but undiscovered by vacation goers at large. Considering that it’s home to some of Florida’s most beautiful (and safest) cities, we think that’s a crying shame. Let’s take a look at a few of these cities, shall we? 

Panama City, FL

If there’s one thing that this state has in spades, it’s nice beaches. From the warm, relaxing surf of Miami to the monolithic waves of Palm Beach, you’re never very far from a sunny strip of sand where you can kick back, crack open a cold one and unwind. One thing that’s a bit less common here, however, are beaches that can rival those of Panama Beach in beauty. 


The beaches here are just… something else. With immaculate white sand that is groomed daily, crystal clear azure water and some of the nicest weather of any place in the state, there’s no denying that beaches like these are anything but commonplace. That’s not all there is to Panama City though; that’s just the beginning! 


Once you leave the beach, you’ll be greeted by one of the most charming cities you’ve likely ever laid eyes on. With a friendly, smiling populace, plenty of excellent attractions and a healthy helping of great places to stay, this is one of the best all-around vacation destinations in the state. Add to that the fact there are barely any tourists and you have yourself what can only be described as a winning combination! 

Tallahassee, FL

Panama City is great, there’s no doubt about that; but what if you prefer bustling city streets to breezy beaches? We’ve got just the city for you: the capital of Florida, Tallahassee! This thriving metropolis is home to a long list of delightful attractions, a charming populace and some of the most beautiful architecture in the state.   


One of the most attractive aspects of this city is its mouth-wateringly delicious food culture. With dozens upon dozens of exceptional restaurants that offer everything from exotic international foods to universally beloved American classics, you’ll never go hungry when you’re in Tallahassee. There’s simply so much delicious food to choose from here! 


The fun doesn’t end there; the list of attractions here is truly astonishing! From the state capitol building with its 22 story tower and observation deck to the football stadium and charming downtown area, boredom is something that rarely shows its face here. Seriously, how could you even think of being bored when there’s such a staggering number of things to do? 

Navarre, FL

Some people aren’t about life in the city, of course. Some prefer a simpler, more wholesome existence, without the superfluous trappings of tourist towns and busy metropolitan areas. People like this come from all walks of life, but a lot of them are anglers. For these stolid individuals, the only prerequisites for a good time are a fishin’ pole, a tacklebox, and a comfortable chair from which to watch their bobber. 


If you count yourself among this demographic, the Florida panhandle has a city you’re going to love. Nestled deep within the southwestern reaches of the state lies the little city of Navarre. It isn’t particularly large, nor does it have much in the way of glamorous tourist attractions. What it does have, however, is a plethora of excellent fishing spots and great places to stay. 


With crystalline azure salt water spots and murky brown freshwater spots alike, Navarre is a veritable paradise for people who like to fish. It’s so great, in fact, that you might find yourself facing a compulsion to make this beautiful city your home. If you decide to go through with it, contact one of the excellent real estate agents in Navarre FL. With the help of these experienced, professional real estate agents you’ll be living here in no time! 

Pensacola, FL

There are a lot of awe-inspiring things in this world. The screech of an eagle soaring overhead, a sweeping mountain vista at sunset, and the bellowing roar of a lion protecting their pride all have the same effect. You know what else has this effect? The sight of an F-14 Tomcat screaming through the air at 10,000 feet pushing mach 2 without breaking a sweat. 


Most people would consider themselves lucky to witness something as majestic as this once in their lifetime. For residents of Pensacola FL however, sights such as these are all but commonplace. As the former home of the U.S. Naval Officer Candidate School and the legendary Top Gun fighter pilot training program, there’s no shortage of fascinating things to see and do. This city is an experience that you simply can’t miss! 


The coolest thing to see in Pensacola is without a doubt the National Naval Aviation Museum. With hundreds of fascinating displays to take in, enthusiasts and casual observers will have little difficulty staying busy for hours on end doing nothing more than perusing the museum. If you find yourself especially infatuated with this city, get in touch with the local realtors in Pensacola FL; you might just be moved in before you know it! 


While there’s certainly plenty to be said to the credit of this state’s most popular tourist trap- uh, sorry, destinations, the cities of the Florida panhandle have just as much or more going for them. Considering everything there is to see and do as well as the extent to which they’re comparatively free of tourists, we emphatically urge you to consider making this region the site of your next vacation. Trust us; you won’t regret it!

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