At REE Medical we are dedicated to providing accurate, thorough Disability Benefit Questionnaires. We provide comprehensive, accurate, and detail-oriented Disability Benefit Questionnaires as well as thorough Nexus Letters, and closely work with a nationwide network of highly trained, experienced, and motivated doctors. We firmly believe that all veterans deserve the best service and ensure every veteran receives correct and detailed documentation regarding their worsening medical conditions. We perform thorough medical assessments necessary for a successful
Thorough medical assessments along with accurate and detailed completions of DBQs are imperative to the VA benefits process. First, visit our website and fill out and complete an online inquiry. Our Benefits Consultant will contact you and explain our process and discuss the individual disabilities you want to increase. Then, attend a thorough in-person examination with a qualified medical provider who will complete your DBQ. We will then perform one last detailed review of your documentation, and provide you with a complete DBQ alongside detailed instructions on how to complete the rest of the process of filing your VA claim.
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