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Smart Female Hairdresser Holding ScissorHair stylists are all the same. You walk in, put on a smock; they wet your hair, cut it, dry it, and send you out the door. Bing, bang, boom. You’re done. After all, a haircut is the same at Supercuts than it is at Toni & Guy, right? Well…

Selecting a real estate agent to sell your home is a lot like finding a good hair stylist. There are a lot of “cheap” options out there which could result in a botched ‘doo and a newfound hat collection. Alternatively, when you pay for an expensive haircut, you’re really paying for quality, experience, and most importantly, peace of mind. It is no surprise that most of these “higher quality” stylists work from an established book of business and referrals.

Suppose you go in for your next haircut, and you have your hair down to the small of your back (Men, I’m talking to you too). Then suppose I told you your hair was not going to grow for the next three years, and you can either go to Supercuts or Toni & Guy to shape your dilapidated mess of hair, into Michelangelo’s David. Which door are you knocking on? Most people would say Toni & Guy, simply because they would rather pay a little more to have it done right, and not risk having a miniature Chernobyl on their hands.

The tragedy is that most people do not seem to apply this same logic to what is often their largest asset in their portfolio; their home. They look around, interview, and negotiate for the Realtor who cuts their commission because to them, “all Realtors are the same.” When they end up with migraine headaches and a mangled transaction only then does the “you get what you pay for” reality start to set in.

Most people see real estate agents as a commodity. “You all do the same thing; sign some paperwork, stick a sign out front, find a buyer and cash a check.” True, the functions of the job are the same, as is cutting hair. The “how” is the differentiator. Do you attract high caliber leads from the properties you have listed? Do you even have any other properties listed? How long have you been in business for? If I need to find a high-end buyer for my home, do you have the tools to find them? What about international exposure?

In any profession, when you’re great at what you do, people tell their friends and family about you. The Kink Team has built a primarily referral-based system, but we are more than happy to work with all interested buyers and sellers. We have a database of thousands of contacts and customers we have worked with who have been delighted with their experience. We promote all of our listings to a worldwide audience in which your listing can be seen and translated into 19 different languages. Further, we have dozens of listings spanning from the low 100ks to the multi-millions, creating massive exposure to the all our listings as a result. This helps us find buyers for your home faster than anyone else.

Your home is a valuable asset. Why trust the sale with the guy who got his license a few months ago when you have can the expertise, peace of mind, and finesse of a local leader in real estate in The Woodlands.

So when it’s time for your next home sale, which would you prefer? The low-cost low-results agent, or The Kink Team?


With over 15 years of experience, The Kink Team is recognized as one of the top producing real estate teams in North America and is highly awarded within the industry. Let us go to work for you. Contact us today!

The Kink Team is recognized as one of the top producing real estate teams in North America and in the industry. Our use of advanced technology, top notch customer service and attention to detail have helped us create a referral network second to none. Our system works because we don't just pay lip service to the term team. Our team members, vendors and transaction partners have been carefully selected and trained in unique and proven Kink Team business processes. When you become a Kink Team client we customize our system to your specific needs and goals. - Contact Diane at  
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