• Want to learn the right mechanics and technique to help avoid injury?
  • Have a big tournament this weekend and your looking for an edge?
  • Are you a parent looking for the best information for your son to learn how throw a curveball?
  • Trying to make a team at a tryout or camp?
  • Are you tired of being overlooked at showcases?
  • Are you concerned that your velocity isn’t enough right now?
  • Do you wonder what you have to do to get noticed by college coaches and scouts?

A Nasty Curveball Could Be Your Best Friend!


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There could be one thing that your missing.  An out pitch.  A devastating curveball that you can dominate hitters with.  A pitch that you can use to help control the game and help your team win.  A pitch that college coaches and scouts will remember and write your name down to follow.  You don’t have to be tall, lefty, or throw 95 mph to get noticed, although that wouldn’t hurt.  A great curveball can carry you a long way in your baseball career.

Get the guide today  – Written by former MLB pitcher Jimmy Serrano – At 5’8, Jimmy let his curveball carry him all the way to the big leagues.  You can too.

Curveball Grip – Quick Start Guide - $4.00


The Instructional Guide Includes Photos and High Speed Camera Shots

  • Learn 3 different curveballs in 15 minutes
  • - Traditional
  • - Knuckle Curve
  • - Spiked Curve
  • Detailed Explanation and High Speed Shots Initiating Curveball Spin
  • - 12 – 6 Rotation
  • - Generate Tight Spin for later, more significant break
  • Hand Positioning At The Release Point
  • - Pictures and High Speed Shots of Proper Hand Positioning
  • - Learn Consistency with Release Point
  • Pitching Mechanics
  • - You will learn important mechanical “checkpoints” for your Fastball and Curveball.
  • -  Reduce the stress of pitching by working efficiently in your delivery
  • - Put yourself in a position to repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Mental Approach
  • - Learn easy to remember mental cues that can help your mechanics and aid in your deception to the hitters.
  • - Pitch on game day with a plan rather than just hoping for the best.
  • - Throw your curveball with a purpose and increase your velocity on your fastball just by thinking differently.
  • Arm Care
  •     – The importance of consistent throwing programs
  • - Mechanics can help or harm your arm
  • Includes a FAQ section
  • - Will a curveball hurt my arm?
  • - Why do I need a curveball?
  • - How do I throw a 12-6 curveball?
  • - What age should I learn to throw a curveball?
  • - When should I throw my curveball? What hitters count?

So are you ready to surprise hitters with a pitch that disappears at the plate? 

Get it NOW – ONLY $4.00!

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