Jimmy Serrano
Pitch Clocks Will Help Pitchers Dominate
The New Pitch Clocks Will Help Pitchers Dominate. One word Rhythm. Pitch clocks will be introduced this year in professional baseball at the Double A and...
Top prospect baseball     Jan 18 2015
Clearing Up Some Pitching Misconceptions
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Top prospect baseball     Oct 9 2014
Debunking Popular Catch Phrases
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Top prospect baseball     Oct 9 2014
5 Things Every Baseball Instructor Wants Parents To Know
1. Lessons are not a babysitting session. There are much cheaper options. Tell your kid to stay focused and have fun. 2. Parents, be quietly involved and...
Top prospect baseball     Oct 6 2014
6 Characteristics of Natural Team Leaders in Youth Sports.
Every team in youth sports has a few standout athletes. Usually those players are blessed with natural talent and playing ability but do they have what it...
Top prospect baseball     Oct 6 2014
Top 10 Signs You Could Be a Great Pitcher.
1. You have A Good Fastball 2. You Throw Strikes 3. You Have Laser Focus 4. You Have a Hunter Mentality 5. You re Calm Under Pressure 6. You Take Calculated...
Top prospect baseball     Oct 6 2014
Holding Runners On Base
5 things a pitcher should think about when a hitter reaches base (after kicking the dirt) Thing #1 Once he is on base you are NOT trying to get him out with a...
Top prospect baseball     Oct 6 2014
Where, When and How do I start the college recruiting process?
The path to college for a baseball player can seem like an overwhelming and daunting endeavor. Put your mind at ease and let this map provide you with a...
Top prospect baseball     Sep 26 2014
Approach as a Coach – How To Connect With Your Son During A Drill
It must be natural instinct for kids to be stubborn when we are teaching them something. Or, maybe its just your approach as dad or mom rather than your...
Top prospect baseball     Sep 26 2014
4 Week Velocity Program For Parents and Players!
Build your son s velocity and have fun doing it in this 4 week program (12 one hour sessions). The tools that you and your son need to complete this program...
Top prospect baseball     Sep 26 2014
Increase Hip Torque With This Baseball Hitting Drill
http://www.deadredhitting.com In this video Connor Powers shows a Baseball Hitting drill to increase your bat speed and power by revealing a quick and easy d...
Top prospect baseball     Aug 21 2014
Tap Sports Baseball – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Be the Best Batter
Learn when to hit the ball. It s not always every time the ball comes at you. Sometimes you should let the ball go. Recognize what the pitcher is doing and...
Top prospect baseball     Aug 20 2014
Keeping Up With The Tommy Johnses?
It seems like every baseball article or website out there is talking about Tommy John surgery. The increase in the procedure and the ages of which it is...
Top prospect baseball     Aug 11 2014
Carving Out A Path.
Maryland Community News Published: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 From the bottom, St. Mary’s Ryken graduate Roberts has reached incredible heights By ALEX KUHN...
Top prospect baseball     Jul 24 2014
Point Your Toe Towards Your Target?
The phrase point your toe towards your target is very common in youth baseball. Coaches and parents are advising their pitchers that in order to throw the ball...
Top prospect baseball     Jul 21 2014
Why We Play Baseball
I spent yesterday working with my 84 year old dad as we repaired the steps leading up to my screened in porch. It was a day of talking baseball. My dad has...
Top prospect baseball     Jul 16 2014
Mound Presence – Come Get You Some
Every pitcher at some point or another loses it on the mound. It might be after an umpire calls a ball on a great pitch or after one of your teammates botches...
Top prospect baseball     Jul 13 2014
Crash Test Pitching Mechanics
What does a car crash test have to do with pitching mechanics? One of the most important requirements of good pitching mechanics is how the body and arm work...
Top prospect baseball     Jul 9 2014
Former Major League Baseball Player Available For Instruction
10 yr professional baseball player available for private, group, or team instruction. If your son is between 8 and 18 and has a passion for baseball. Let me...
Park Cities Classifieds     Jul 2 2014
What To Look For In A Private Baseball Instructor
Top prospect baseball     Jul 2 2014
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