Think you might sign a professional contract one day?  It’s best you get these 8 things right so you don’t look so rookie-ish.




  1. - You no longer refer to anyone as “Coach”. Your “coaches” go by their first name, last name, nickname, or skip.
  2. - No more sprinting to or from the dugout to the batters box. (A sprint to the mound is acceptable but you better have some nasty stuff)
  3. - The cheering from the dugout stays at a minimum. You’ll never hear the rally cry “everybody get up!!” unless there’s something scary under the bench.
  4. - No more “bringing it in” and “breaking it out” on three. There’s nothing on three.
  5. - Your clever smack talking from the dugout will stop. The other team will actually hit your players.
  6. - Your highschool and college stats don’t matter anymore, keep em to yourself.
  7. - Respect the veteran players (even if they’ve only played one more season than you).
  8. - Collared shirt, close toed shoes – Everywhere.

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Bonus* – Let the grounds crew do their job.  They’re particular about the field and their stuff.  Plus they do an awesome job, especially in Harrisburg. :)

How is baseball slightly different in some Asian countries?

  • - 15 minute break after the 5th inning.
  • - Baseballs are not rubbed up, they are straight out of the box.
  • – Pitching rubber in front of the pitching rubber (two pitching rubbers)
  • - No chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds. Cigarettes yes.


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