Learn when to hit the ball. It’s not always every time the ball comes at you. Sometimes you should let the ball go. Recognize what the pitcher is doing and whether that means there’s going to be a strike or ball up ahead. Miss the curveballs till you … Read more on 148Apps

Eager to share some hitting tips and determined to preserve the history and lore of America’s favorite pastime, Rod Carew picked up a bat and ball at Andover High School’s baseball field last week. The Hall of Fame baseball player – along with a half … Read more on Coon Rapids Herald

Bogaerts has always tried to play baseball like he did in Aruba. He does it with so much enthusiasm it could be mistaken for youthful naivety. …. When he showed up early for extra batting practice and hitting drills, he had coaches in every ear … Read more on The Republican –

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