Google Glass
Google glass, like new, used 1 time. $3,000. for more information
Park Cities Classifieds     Nov 24 2013
Titus Reply: question for school board election
On the question of whether being a mom or dad qualifies one better for the school board, I do not believe this is the case. I believe that it is important to...
Park Cities iReporter     Apr 26 2011
Re: Re: Neighborhoods are for Neighbors. Not parking lots.
I just don't "get" the objection. I live close to HP Methodist and I feel that my neighborhood is choked by the cars from the church on Sunday morning and...
Re: New Manager at the Dallas Country Club - Bring Back Oscar!
Personally, I was glad to see him go. We didn't realize how good the previous manager was until he retired!
Re: Stink At The Woman's Club
The Dallas Woman's Club has all kinds of rules including no cell phones, no glitter, no berries in flower arrangements.... The alcohol ban is actually in the...
Re: Blood Drive and BBQ Today - Battle of the Badges between HP
I think that this is a great idea, I just wish that they had done a better job of getting the word out. I first heard about it Thursday evening in the Park...
Re: What do you think about the Proposed Plan in Snider Plaza for the Chase Bank Building?
First off, the current Chase bank building is very ugly and it would be great to get something more attractive in that space. While I understand the concerns...
BubbleLife Q&A     Feb 18 2010
Re: Any Suggestions for a hotel in Santa Fe?
If you can go to Taos instead, Casa de las Chimeneas is well worth going out of your way for. Sent from my iPhone 3GS
BubbleLife Q&A     Jan 11 2010
Re: Which Restaurants in Our Neighborhood Will Deliver?
I googled Jiangs to see if they had a website and safari gave me an error message that it detected malware on what theoretically was the website for Jiangs in...
BubbleLife Q&A     Jan 6 2010
Re: Re: Question: Will You Vaccinate Your Child/Children for H1N1
I plan on having both of my children vaccinated. My 17 year old is away at boarding school and the kids are in such close contact living in dorms that...
Cattle Baron's Ball
Anyone who went want to tell their story of the mud?
Re: Dallas Divas and Daughters - Set the Tivo
Are they going to replay the first episode? if so, when?
Re: The Politics of Spite
Great article! Thanks for posting. Sent from my iPhone 3GS
rude driving at the middle school
I have never seen so much rude driving as I saw around the middle school this afternoon. We ALL have kids at school who want to be picked up and the rain was...
Re: How Facebook Ruins Friendships
I don't friend anyone I don't know or remember. I also set it so that those who irritate me with constant posts about how perfect/achieving/cute there...
illegals and driver's license
What are your thoughts on illegal immigrants and driving. They have to drive or almost have to drive in a city like Dallas that does not have a good public...
Obama Speech
Was the booing for Obama or disapproval for Wilson's heckling? I couldn't tell.
Re: Re: H1N1
I'm glad that you checked for the milk. I was thinking of staying away from stores like the SMU bookstore that are full of SMU kids in hopes of lowering my...
I hear that there are 60-something cases at SMU, what are you doing, if anything to try to keep it at bay?
Re: Drives Me Nuts - Obama
it is absolutely ridiculous that people are making a big stink of this. He is the president! He won the election. They look like a bunch of sore losers. He...
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