$2.5 Billion in Damages Were Attributed to This Dallas Storm
Springtime in Texas can mean enjoyable temperatures, beautiful landscapes and months spent outdoors, but in just the time it takes to set up that backyard...
Brent Cooper     May 9 2013
This Damage Isn't Covered by Your Insurance Policy
Each year, Texas homeowners are affected by spring storms and weather damage. In fact, the state of Texas has exposure to nine different types of natural...
Brent Cooper     Mar 21 2013
New Teen Driver? It's Time to Review Your Insurance Coverage
Insurance is designed to protect you, your family and your property from unexpected circumstances, but it’s important that your life, homeowners or auto...
Brent Cooper     Feb 22 2013
Are Your Third-Row Seats a Thief's Next Target?
Filled with family and friends, the holidays should be the happiest time of the year, but in the upcoming weeks, many people may be victims of theft in places...
Brent Cooper     Dec 3 2012
Home Maintenance: Are You Prepared for Winter?
Though the DFW area doesn’t often get hit by heavy snow or ice storms, temperatures will likely fall below freezing several times throughout this winter....
Brent Cooper     Nov 21 2012
Are You Ready to Lose Everything in Your Home? Five Steps to Prepare for the Worst
Do you have enough homeowner’s insurance? The time to answer this question is NOT right after the devastating fire, tornado, or horribly violating robbery....
Brent Cooper     Oct 9 2012
Gaps in Medicare Threaten Savings for Middle Class
You’ve worked hard to build a nest egg for your retirement years. The worrisome questions are, “Have I saved enough to cover expenses if I got really sick?”...
Brent Cooper     Jun 29 2012
Brent Cooper Celebrating 25 Years of Insurance
Happy 25 th Anniversary to Dallas-based State Farm Insurance Agent Brent Cooper who has been assisting the community with making the proper insurance decisions...
Brent Cooper     May 31 2012
Do You Know What Your Insurance Covers?
The last several days of wind and storms in Dallas have probably sparked a few questions about insurance and coverage for residents in the Park Cities and the...
Brent Cooper     Mar 21 2012
Did You Get A New Laptop over the Holidays? Bet you don't know this!
Did you know that you can insure your laptop with no deductible between $30 to $60 a year? If you have ever spilled coffee on your keyboard or dropped your...
Brent Cooper     Jan 3 2012
Even Those in the Park Cities Don't Like to Talk About Life Insurance
Survey: Couples rarely talk about life insurance By State Farm® Agent Brent Cooper A recent State Farm survey shows many people understand the need for life...
Brent Cooper     Sep 19 2011
College-bound. Insured or Not Insured?
Saw a Suburban loaded down with their college-bound child's personal belongings. A trailer was in tow, and even a mattress was tied to the roof. I've...
Brent Cooper     Aug 21 2011
With Severe Storms & Hail Comes Unwanted Solicitors
With the recent hail and severe storms that we have seen in the Dallas area, I wanted to warn you that our State Farm office is getting calls from people who...
Brent Cooper     May 31 2011
Do You Have A High Deductable Health Insurance Plan? Consider a HSA - Health Savings Account
Consumers can take more control of health-care expenses By State Farm® Agent Brent Cooper Are you looking for a way to trim your health-care costs, reduce your...
Brent Cooper     May 28 2011
RE: Jack The Cat Is Missing
Thank you for posting. We'd really like to have him back. Everyone's kind of in a funk over this.
Park Cities iReporter     May 27 2011
Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor
After a storm hits, some roofing companies move into town and target neighborhoods looking for business. They tend to use aggressive and misleading tactics in...
Brent Cooper     May 9 2011
Rain + Rain + Rain = Flood?
Something about today makes me think of Flood Insurance. OK, I need more to think about. Given that a helicopter traffic reporter this afternoon made the...
Brent Cooper     May 2 2011
RE: UP Dad Rick Perdue, Kicks It Into High Gear for The School
As a dad of two UP Elementary graduates, thanks Rick and all the riders for your gift of time and energy, and the resulting gift of money.
Park Cities Features     Apr 19 2011
Hail and your insurance
HAIL HAIL, Appears that the the Park Cities avoided the big storm Thursday night relatively unscathed by Hail, High Winds, and Tornados. Might be a wake-up...
Brent Cooper     Apr 18 2011
You5 Neighborhood Insurance Expert
Dear BubbleLife Neighbors, Seldom a day goes by that someone I meet or run into doesn't ask me an insurance question, tells me about a claim that they are...
Brent Cooper     Apr 14 2011
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