Crystal Roznik
New Deals this Summer at the Kotsanis Institute
Summer Detox Special Our most popular detox treatment is now more affordable! Purchase a HOCATT package and save! HOCATT (hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid...
Kotsanis Institute     Jul 27 2015
Garage Sale on Bennett
Weather and Toddlers permitting: We are having a Garage Sale on Saturday the 21st... I'm very close to the intersection of Bennett and Meadow Ridge in Cedar...
Cedar Hill Classifieds     Mar 20 2015
Hey Crystal, wanna advertise with me
So I met this guy that was willing to put ads for Duck Soap Box Creative on his site for free. He just needed me to create them for him. Kinda weird to work on...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Feb 18 2015
Yet another Happy 2015 email.
Hello Friends, Colleagues and Clients: Happy 2015: It’s Crystal, that quirky designer lady from Duck Soap Box Creative . It’s been more than 8 months since...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jan 14 2015
Kotsanis Institute
My biggest client just went through a full redesign of their site. We added a forum, reorganized the pages so that they can be found easier and basically...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Dec 9 2014
A New Website and a New Feeling
We have a new website, live and refreshed. Go check it out. The new site is now visible on your phone and tablet. You can chat with fellow patients or...
Kotsanis Institute     Nov 4 2014
Longhorn Paper Converting
Military Style. That s what I told this client. They were looking for a quick 5-8 page website for a convention and they needed it in 10 days. Which if you are...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 4 2014
Sharma Strategy Group
So for this website I officially did the before AND the after . so I m not showing you the before. It wasn t horrid but I did it in Wix .. don t do that ever....
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 28 2014
Dumb White Husband
Did a redesign for Dumb White Husband and it was a blast. I had to get into the mind of my target market . I wish I could say it was hard to do . it wasn t. Oh...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 22 2014
Choose Something Good
Imagine a 17-year old high school senior as your client . but one with a ton of ambition and a BIG idea Elie s BIG idea of connecting non-profits with high...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 14 2014
Plano Day School B&A
What can I say Plano Day School knew they needed a facelift . really bad. There were some twists and turns finding the initial hosting and domain passwords...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 14 2014
Summertime Painting
Today I decided in the spur of the moment to throw the paints outside with the girls. I even invited the neighbors over real quick. I love my neighbors, they...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 15 2014
CNT Real Estate
As my first Real Estate Website is CNT Real Estate in Lake Highlands I learned a ton of different stuff. First time implementing the idx broker platinum plugin...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 8 2014
Willow, always ready for a picture… Maggie, would never say ‘no’ to a popsicle
2 weeks ago the girls found a frog, a pool, and a few popsicles at grammy s house.
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jul 28 2014
Summer Swimmings and Bubbles
I love these girls, and even tho the pool had a hole and was leaking air, we filled it up and turned on the bubble machine tonight. I always feel so incredibly...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jul 10 2014
Doritos Russian Roulette
So this is pretty neat. When I worked at TMA I worked specifically on Frito Lay Innovation, we would create images that would go into testing. I really loved...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jul 8 2014 is my newest site. Go check it out, mainly if you are over 40 years, even more so if you are a Crossfitter, and especially if you are a competitive...
Duck Soap Box Creative     May 27 2014
Week 52: WIllow is one and has a PARTY
Week 52: WIllow is one and has a PARTY
Duck Soap Box Creative     May 22 2014
Dear Maggie, you are almost 2 and a half years and I just tucked you into bed and simultaneously that simple act filled my heart with joy and love. You gathered...
Duck Soap Box Creative     May 16 2014
Week 51 – Superhero or Luchador
Superhero or Luchador??
Duck Soap Box Creative     May 13 2014
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