Dog Walker vs. Doggy Day Care: Finding the Best Option for You and Your Pup
By Alexandra Anastasio, Republished from As a working dog owner, the struggle of leaving your dog home alone for long stretches can be trying on both...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Apr 4 2018
Preparing For A New Dog Or Puppy
Advice from a Los Angeles Dog And Puppy Trainer The holidays are a great time to adopt a new puppy or rescue dog because you’ll have more time to help them...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Mar 19 2018
Canine Separation Anxiety
Canine Separation Anxiety WHEN A DOG CAN'T BE LEFT ALONE Labrador Retriever waiting for parent to come home. "> The psychological effects of...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Mar 16 2018
The Real Secret to Effective Potty Training
The Ideal Potty Training Set Up A DEN (A CRATE OR BED = DEN) WITHIN A CONFINEMENT AREA House training requires keeping a puppy in a "no mistake"...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Feb 14 2018
Get Dog Park Savvy: Learn the 4 main causes of conflict at the dog park and how to avoid them
Mobbing, Bullying, Mounting & Lack Of Cleanup Are Main Causes A recent study released by Sonoma State University highlights two major causes of conflict...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Feb 6 2018
Dog Park Etiquette: Do's & Dont's For Keeping Your Dog Safe
Dogs were built to roam and, more than anything, love running around free. Dog parks, therefore, can be a great way to grant your lovable furball some...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Feb 5 2018
Tips For Improving Your Dog's Recall
When “Come” Turns Into “Chase Me” Have you ever had your dog off-leash at the dog park and called them to “come” (also known as recall), only to be ignored,...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Feb 5 2018
Does Your Dog Take You For A Walk? 4 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Pulling
Does your dog take you for a walk instead of the opposite? Perhaps pulling so hard that their breathing is impeded in the process? Do you dread going for a...
Dog Savvy Los Angeles     Feb 2 2018
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