Eden's Garden CSA Farm
Looking on the Bright Side
I hope you enjoyed the story of the farm cats . I’m sure enjoying having these 3 little rascals around my office, but soon they should be all cleared by the vet...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Sep 20 2015
CSA and the Future of Small, Local Farms
On My Soapbox It’s Fall CSA Share sign up time, for many farms , including mine here in southeast Dallas County. That means I’m on my soapbox. So, kick off...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Sep 7 2015
Life on the Farm - Back to the Ground II
Last post I mentioned that I’d share some gardening tips with you. Since I started gardening back in the 80’s, a lot of new things have come to market, but for...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Jan 9 2015
Press Release - Farmer Marie, aka Eden’s Gardener, is wearing yet another hat!
Contact: Marie Tedei 214-348-3336 For Immediate Release Are you kidding me? Farmer Marie, aka Eden’s Gardener, is wearing yet another hat!...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Oct 6 2014
Make It Happen - For Compost
A little over a week ago, I dove head first into unchartered territory and began this farm’s first venture in crowdfunding by way of Indiegogo , in order to...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Oct 5 2014
When I started Market Day at Eden's on the front lawn of my place in September of 2007, organic vegetables were hard to find. But, that is partly what drew me...
EatGreenDFW iReporter     Sep 3 2011
Excessive June Heat Shuts Down Many Early Crops
Surely it's no surprise that local north Texas farmers are suffering losses due to these August-like, season ending temps. It's been taking a toll on farms'...
EatGreenDFW iReporter     Jun 28 2011
RE: Eden's Garden CSA Farm
Watch your inbox for details on pre-ordering for March's market pick up day, March 12th. Market Days start back up April 2nd!
Eden's Garden CSA Farm     Mar 5 2011
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